PSVR 2: in the category of the most beautiful VR game to date, Red Matter 2 will soon no longer be alone!

If Sony has recently raised doubts about its ability to encourage many studios to carry out proper optimization for their games, here is some news that puts a smile back on your face: the port of the first part of the breathtaking Red Matter 2, considered to date to be the most beautiful game of the PSVR 2.

Unlike others, the studio Vertical Robotdecided, for the occasion, to remaster his game (4K textures, 90 FPS…). Yes, you read correctly, the team optimized their game specifically for the new VR headset from Sony, either a very good lesson given (or a slap in the face, some would say) to many other (and bigger) studios.

Here is what the team planned to carry out on this portage:

Translation :

Red Matter is coming to PSVR 2!

Available October 5. This is not a new title, but a FREE improvement to the beloved 2018 classic: Red Matter.
What’s new ?

  • 4K textures;
  • Reviewed controls;
  • Foveal rendering;
  • 90 frames per second without reprojection.

As if that wasn’t enough, the game (or update) will be completely free for those who purchased the title at the time on PS4, i.e. October 5, 2023, the game’s release date. For newcomers, know that it will be difficult to find a physical version at a reasonable pricebecause when it was released, the game was only offered in a few copies (Limited Run Games). Hopefully the studio presents a bundle at reduced cost, as the excellent team of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners did at the time.

Besides the purely playful aspect of the series of Red Matteron PSVR 2, don’t forget that both titles are perfect for starting VRAnd this for two reasons :

  • These are puzzle and reflection games, with a fairly slow pace, and with tools aimed at improving comfort of use (teleportation, vignette, etc.) and reducing nausea.
  • The 2 titles being 100% 4K, no image blur will bother you during the adventure, perfect for calibrating your PSVR 2. In other words, if you have just purchased your PlayStation VR 2you will quickly know if the blur comes from a poorly positioned headset, the cleanliness of your lenses or undetected myopia, because in no case could it come from the game in question.

And you, will you take advantage of the opportunity to (re)discover it? To the editorial staff, it’s a big yes! Tell us what you think. THE PlayStation VR 2 is already available, and you can expand your game library via gift cards PlayStation available on

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