PSVR 2: notice to J-RPG lovers, the port of RuinsMagus has just been announced

Released and tested by us on Meta Quest 2 (a PCVR version also exists), RuinsMagus is a J-RPG dungeon crawler where we embody a Magi (magician) whose objective is to protect the population from Rogues (looters) and learn a little more about the famous and enigmatic ruins that surround the village. It’s a very good game, not without flaws, but which will bring you real J-RPG sensations.

On the other hand, the game is in English, and not of a first grade school level, which may put off those who would like to have a fairly precise understanding of the story and its issues. For those who can overcome the language barrier, know that the PSVR 2 edition will feature the original game, the DLCsthe Warrior and the Tailor which adds downtown, a new quest (the swordsman Schneider), the Japanese and English voices, as well as a facelift of the latest dungeons in the game. Haptic feedback in the DualSenses and headphones have been added but can be disabled.

The game is scheduled for September 19, 2023 but its price is not yet known. THE PlayStation VR 2 is available alone or in pack with Horizon: Call of the Mountain and you can expand your toy library via gift cards playstation available on

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