PSVR 2: the complete list of available demos

You have just acquired the latest helmet VR of sony and don’t know which titles are playable in demos? You are in the right place ! The list is frequently updated (at the rate of releases), so take advantage of it.

And always to make your life easier, each game or application has the link to the Playstation Storeaccompanied by its captionjust to sort it out quickly.

Last update: February 26, 2023

Legend: (name), (full game price), (storage), (language), (position), (type of controllers), (solo, multi), (cross play – if available) (test – if available) – PEGI(release date), summary.

Complete list of PSVR 2 demos accessible from the PlayStation Store:

  1. Puzzle Places (€19.99) (5.58 GB) (French) (sitting, standing, roomscale) (PSVR 2 Sense) (solo) – PEGI 3 (February 22, 2023)
    Assemble hyper-realistic miniatures of stunning locations around the world. Immerse yourself in the meditative stream that puzzles offer and see each place come to life with immersive and unique sounds. “Puzzling Places” is a modern take on an age-old pastime that appeals to the whole family with its intuitive gameplay and controls.

  2. Horizon Call of the Mountain (€69.99) (46.42 GB) (French) (sitting, standing, roomscale) (PSVR 2 Sense) (solo) (see test) – PEGI 12 (February 22, 2023)
    Conquer gigantic mountains, defeat fearsome machines and unravel the mystery of a terrible threat that hangs over the world of Horizon by immersing yourself in a new and most immersive adventure on PlayStation VR 2.

  3. Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy Edge – Enhanced Edition (€49.99) (9.39 Go) (VOSTFR) (sitting, standing) (PSVR 2 Sense) (solo, multi) – PEGI 12 (February 22, 2023)
    Enjoy a taste of the adventures that await you on Batuu in this demo. Visit the Seezelslak Cantina, where you can practice your repulsion dart throwing skills, play the Chromarimba, and take in the scenery around the galaxy’s Outer Rim. If you exit the cantina and follow Mubo, you’ll try your luck on the outskirts of the Black Spire outpost while facing off against the Guavien Death Gang.

  4. Cosmonious High (€29.99) (852 MB) (English) (sit, stand, roomscale) (PSVR 2 Sense) (solo) – PEGI 3 (February 22, 2023)
    Welcome to Cosmonious High, an alien high school that knows absolutely no dysfunction! After landing in disaster on a memorable first day, you’ll unlock powers, explore hallways and find the source of malfunctions in order to save the school from cosmic chaos.

  5. Humanity (3.30 GB) (VOSTFR) (sitting, standing, roomscale) (PSVR 2 Sense optional) (solo) – PEGI 7 (February 23, 2023)
    A unique blend of puzzle, platformer and action, HUMANITY puts the fate of all humanity in your hands. Finally, between your paws. Were you told you were a dog? You play as a Shiba Inu tasked with leading a huge moving crowd and commanding them to jump, spin, push, float, and climb, in order to earn salvation.

  6. Drums Rock (€19.99) (VOSTFR) (sitting, standing, roomscale) (PSVR 2 Sense) (solo) – PEGI 3 (February 22, 2023)
    Play the drums like a rock hero and survive in hell fighting against demons and their boss! Real Rock! Hard rock, heavy metal, Nu metal, among others. A wide variety of rock, with original music or hit bands! Crazy stylish graphics, with a brutal level of polish. Real drum game! A battery that you will have to play and that you can customize!

  7. Resident Evil Village (€39.99) (8.97 Go) (French) (sitting, standing) (PSVR 2 Sense) (solo) (see test) – PEGI 18 (February 22, 2023)
    A few years after the horrific events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, the critically acclaimed game, Ethan Winters and his wife Mia live happy days in a small village, far from their old nightmares, unaware that tragedy awaits new.

  8. Song in the Smoke: Rekindled (€29.99) (3.10 GB) (VOSTFR) (sitting, standing, roomscale) (PSVR 2 Sense) (solo) – PEGI 12 (February 22, 2023)
    Battle strange beasts and brave the elements to stay alive in Song in the Smoke Rekindled, a spectacular remastered version for PlayStation VR 2 of the award-winning VR survival game set in a timeless world.

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