PSVR 2 UNBOXING: We’ve unboxed the new PS5 PlayStation VR headset!

The PlayStation VR 2 has arrived at the editorial office and, while waiting to be able to give you our opinion on the beast, we couldn’t resist sharing with you the opening of the box.

Contents of the box:

  • PSVR2;
  • Both PS VR2 Sense controllers;
  • Stereo headphones (in-ear);
  • A USB Type-c cable;
  • Two paper notes.

Like its ancestor, the PlayStation VR 2 comes in a simple white box adorned with the logo playstation which is slipped into an overbox in the colors of the brand. Less big than what we had imagined, the set is not very heavy. Upon opening, the progress made since the previous model – which included many cables, a box and a manual worthy of a piece of furniture Ikea to be installed – obvious as there is only the PSVR 2, its controllers and a USB type C cable.

One,boxing PlayStation VR 2 PSVR2 114One,boxing PlayStation VR 2 PSVR2 116Un,boxing PlayStation VR 2 PSVR2 115

We invite you to take a look at our unboxing photos which are on the next page of this article. You can also take advantage of replay from our Wednesday live on the analysis of the PlayStation VR 2 FAQ on our channel Youtube. The PSVR 2 will be released on February 22 and is, for the moment, only orderable via the official website playstation.

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