Psychiatrist explains – 5 women murdered: “A reflection of society”

In Vienna, five women were brutally murdered and massacred within one day. The urgent suspects: men. The renowned forensic psychiatrist Sigrun Roßmanith speaks to the “Krone” about the possible background to such shocking acts.

Around 7 a.m. on Friday, police officers entered an apartment in Vienna-Erdberg and found two lifeless bodies. It is a 51-year-old woman with her 13-year-old daughter. It quickly becomes clear to the investigators that they are dealing with a violent crime. The 53-year-old husband and father quickly became the focus of investigators, but he went into hiding. In the evening hours, the police were called to Vienna-Brigittenau. What she finds there is difficult even for hardened investigators to see: three women massacred in an erotic studio. The officials must have found a real bloodbath. The urgent suspect, an Afghan asylum seeker. The bloodied 27-year-old is arrested at the crime scene. Nothing is known about the motive at the moment. Knife as an extended arm of self-esteem “This is a reflection of society as it is,” says the experienced forensic psychiatrist, Sigrun Roßmanith, to the “Krone” the next day. It is not the norm that five women are murdered in just one day, but in general the willingness to use violence and excitement has “naturally increased”. Prostitutes in particular are at high risk of becoming victims, as Roßmanith explains. When women are massacred in such establishments, a man usually freaks out “because he is supposed to pay but cannot pay, is humiliated or insulted, where the mind no longer functions and the knife counts as an extended arm of self-worth.” This is what speaks In technical jargon it is also referred to as overkill or overkill. Overkill, also known as overkill, is a term from criminology that is used when, in a homicide, the perpetrator uses significantly more violence against the victim than was necessary for the actual killing Violence as a reflection of seemingly male strengthThe increased willingness to use violence has partly to do with immigration. Such acts, like those mentioned at the beginning, promote further acts or the “use of violence as a reflection of apparently male strength”. Women are becoming more and more independent and those who are still used to the subordination and oppression of women in their countries of origin perceive a different climate in Austria and are happy to be influenced by it, according to the court psychiatrist. If a woman wants to separate suddenly against this background, the bomb will explode and such devastating actions can occur. A separation is always worse for men than for women, that’s what the statistics say. And: “Men are more likely to respond with physical violence than women.” This can of course also be observed among Austrian men, as can be seen from the double murder, but not as pronounced. “We have a different structure here in Austria, of course there are still patriarchal aspects, but in some areas that is already changing,” says Roßmanith. The court psychiatrist points out that many people get the impression that there is no organizing hand from above in Austria . “We no longer have any rules or structures, our democracy is reaching its limits,” she says. Then there is always the risk that things will go to extremes. “We already have signs of that.”
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