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Leo profile: what is your character?

King of animals, you always take care to preserve the preponderance of your power. Your restless personality remains awake, ready to leap into the light. You are attracted to the limelight and your boldness is spectacular. Enterprising, you stage your own existence by choosing the actors capable of helping you succeed. You love to play but refuse to lose. This fear of failure generates authoritarian, even tyrannical attitudes. Symbol of Strength in the Tarot, you fight your instincts by trying to put them at the service of great works. The heart is your sensitive point and only love eliminates your pride.

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The qualities of Leo

Certain of the quality of your nature, you display your ego for the sole purpose of building, organizing and making the world go round. Idealisticyour sincerity leads you to accept all possible game rules, provided that they are precise and definitive. Your commitment then becomes irreversible. Your perfectionism is productive and your inventiveness helps you succeed in the arts but also in more technical sectors. Combining understanding and deduction, you exercise influence over a team proud to be led by a intelligence so lively. The admiration you arouse is your incentive.

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Leo: what are your desires?

The sun evokes gold and you love riches. Material or emotional, you covet the signs of a luminous and dazzling life. You would like to earn more in order to offer yourself a luxurious decor, a residence with high ceilings or even the works of a painter whose value you detect. At ease on a platform, you would like the Earth everyone is listening to you, urging men not to give up. Your narcissism makes you fear mirrors and, armed with a magic wand, you would happily reduce time in order to age more slowly. You will never admit to physically losing the moral force that you apply to increase tenfold.

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Leo’s faults

Like Icarus approaching too close to the sun, your pretension and your pride sometimes lead you to sudden falls. You hold the reins but your need to dominate leads you astray and you suddenly get carried away under the influence of vain recklessness. Your demand borders on intolerance when it refuses to listen to the arguments of others. Attention ! Your navel gazing tends to discourage your partners. Isolation accentuates your nervousness and your fear of solitude leads you to put up with petty flattery, capable of enslaving you. So, when such situations arise, light gives way to shadow.

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Leo’s physical appearance

Possessing a broad and smooth forehead, almond-shaped eyes and a straight nose, the Lion has the grace of Apollo and the strength of Hercules. His sonorous voice reinforces his aristocratic appearance.

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What other signs teach you

Ram : he puts his plans on the starting line, waiting for your green light.
Bull : its simplicity moderates your ideals and the love of children unites you.
Gemini: you drink in his praises and devour his compliments with pleasure.
Cancer : its planet, the Moon, places dreamy moments in your daily sun.
Lion : your balance of power hides an unconfessed mutual admiration.
Virgin : this sign gives you valuable advice and helps you spend your money more intelligently.
Balance : hating domestic scenes, he teaches you to put water in your wine.
Scorpio: it disturbs the peace of your heart but you cannot dismiss its power of fascination.
Sagittarius: in a dynamic mood, it gives lively colors to your existence.
Capricorn: the intimacy of a bedside lamp protects the light it secretly intended for you.
Aquarius: able to excite your intellectual curiosity, it introduces you to various activities.
Fish: This sign shows you that appearances are sometimes very deceiving.

Did you know ? Your hair color can also say a lot about your personality.

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