Psychology: 10 tips on how you can master even nasty challenges of life elegantly

Basically, of course, life is one great miracle. Point and no but. As such, however, it can be incredibly difficult at times and present us with very nasty challenges. The corona crisis alone kicked thousands – if not millions – of people in the shins, threw them off track or destroyed everything they had built up over the years.

But it doesn’t have to be a pandemic at all: life always serves us surprises that we haven’t ordered and that at first glance we don’t even begin to know how to chew, swallow and digest. Be it the sudden job loss due to restructuring in the company, an unplanned pregnancy as part of a casual affair, an illness we have to deal with all at once, a separation or the loss of a loved one – such events turn our world upside down with a single jolt Head. And then we can see how we can get it back in order …

What often tears our world apart

Often it is sudden changes that we have not actively initiated, but against which we cannot defend ourselves, that cause us great difficulties. We feel weak and powerless, mourn the familiar and what has been taken from us, and believe we can never cope with the new situation. But as stupid as it sounds now and as unhelpful as it may be to hear it after a job loss, death or separation: Change and transitoriness are two indispensable traits of life, strictly speaking, even prerequisites for it, and we can only love and appreciate life when we accept and accept changes with all their consequences and challenges. What can make this easier for us and help us master the nasty challenges of life? You can find ideas in our gallery.