Psychology: 11 things we’d never do because they feel wrong

People are weird
11 things we would never do – why not?

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There are things you just don’t do. How come? Because they may seem strange to others and make us feel like something is wrong. We would never do these 10 things, even though there was absolutely nothing against it.

Have you ever taken a glass of water with you on a walk? No? Well, it would make you look kind of weird too. There are many situations like this where it would be just weird to go against the norm. These things include:

1. Do not look towards the door in the elevator

How weird would it be not to face the door in the elevator? Imagine the door opens and new people want to get in. And you just stand there. With your back to them. They would then probably make their way towards the stairs very quickly because they were afraid of you.

2. Stand on a motorway bridge and look down

Every now and then it happens that a person gets lost on the motorway bridge in order to … – hmm, to do what? That is exactly the question we are currently asking. Counting cars? To enjoy the beautiful view? Somehow it always seems Ppanish to us when it says just like this: r. WHAT is he or she up to ??? Throwing stones? Help.

3. Use soccer players’ first names when talking about them

You know them: Mario, Toni and Robert. Our best friends, of course. At least that’s what you think when you call football players by name. It’s just unfamiliar because, thanks to commentators and the media, we know her better by last name.

4. Take a walk with a glass full of water

A leisurely walk is usually not so strenuous that you need a sip of water in between. And if you did, you’d probably take a water bottle with you, wouldn’t you? Even with a glass of milk, the situation would be just strange. With a glass of wine while you go for a walk with your dog in the evening, things look very different again …

5. Eat in the bathroom

Why does it feel so criminal to take any kind of food into the bathroom? Or worse: it’s still there too EAT? It’s such a gray area with coffee and tea, but that too is a no-go for some.

6. Jogging without sportswear

The benefits of sportswear while exercising cannot be denied. But how weird would it be if someone jogged in jeans? Or even go to the gym? It’s not particularly comfortable anyway and certainly not functional or sweat-repellent. But why would you feel like an alien when you spontaneously felt like it?

7. Stand still in the street

Is it still okay these days, just? nothing to do? Not listening to music, not scrolling through Instagram, just doing nothing? Yes of course. But how weird would it be if someone just stood around in a busy place, very still? Without movement, facial expressions or preoccupation. Just look into the distance and wait a few minutes. Will someone call the police right away?

8. Have lunch before 11:30 am

Why does it feel like you’ve lost control of your life if you’ve got lunch before 11:30 a.m.? What is so bad about it? Brunch until 3pm is ok, but preferring lunch would be crazy? Strange world.

9. Run without moving your arms

Aside from the fact that it is definitely not ergonomic to walk without arms at all, it might also seem a little strange. It would definitely be funny.

10. Wear two different shoes

Wearing two different socks on your feet was or is a trend. Maybe also to combine shoes in two colors. But can you imagine wearing a boot on one foot and a sneaker on the other? That’d be kind of weird, wouldn’t it?

11. Sitting in the car with a cup of coffee

When it comes to coffee cups in the car, we can only think of: Impractical, hot, dangerous and why? Even if you don’t have a coffee mug “To Go”, it is probably not socially acceptable to simply take your mug with you. Imagine you are slowly approaching the red light and daring to look to the left at the vehicle next to you. And this person is sitting there very comfortably and taking a sip from a coffee mug. Quite strange, isn’t it?

We don’t know exactly why these 11 things are funny. Probably because they cross the boundaries of areas that we normally like to keep separate. For example: food and hygiene or at home and on the go. Nevertheless, it is of course not bad if you enjoy doing these things and something is swimming against the mainstream – we say: more courage to be unique!


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