Psychology: 20 Wisdoms From 100 Year Olds That Will Enrich Your Life

20 life wisdoms from 100-year-olds that make you think

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Anyone who turns 100 has not only experienced a lot – but obviously also done a lot in life right! So why not listen to some 100+ year olds and learn from them …?

Life experience is a priceless treasure and tops everything we can know from books, calculations or laws. Whether about the meaning of life or true love – anyone who has 100 years or more under their belt is guaranteed to have given a lot of thought to all the important topics. And above all: received numerous lessons from life!

For your wonderful book “100 years of life“(Hoffmann and Campe) the author Kerstin Schweighöfer met ten people aged 100 or older and simply listened to them. The result: 10 deeply moving stories and Hundreds of doctrines and wisdoms that are not just said – but have arisen from real experience! Here is just a small excerpt …

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20 wisdoms of hundred-year-old people

“Everything with measure and goal – and with regularity. That ensures a long life.”

“‘What would have happened if …?’ Delete these words from your vocabulary, you will never get an answer. It is what it is. “

“Dare to do more than you think you can. Then you discover that you can always do more than you think you can.”

Even if something bad happens to you: life remains a gift

“If you know in advance that you won’t be believed, you’d better be silent.”

“Sometimes you just have to go on living. Just like you just keep breathing. Automatically.”

“Being able to control everything doesn’t necessarily make you happier.”

Practice mildness – what is hard breaks.

“Concentrate on what you can still do and what you have left – not on what you had to let go of.”

“Real poverty is loneliness.”

“Freedom doesn’t mean being able to do anything you want. It means not having to do what you don’t want to.”

The meaning of life is that I can be. No more and no less.

“Understanding the necessity ensures inner freedom.”

“Curiosity is one of the most important driving forces in life.”

We have to accept what life gives and takes away from us.

Make sure you look good – that’s more important than a good figure!

“Listen to your inner voice! Always trust yourself – and not others.”

“Don’t try to understand everything and make sense of everything. Some things in life don’t make sense and are not good for anything.”

“Always see the big picture, don’t pay too much attention to the details!”

Memories become more and more important with age – make sure they are beautiful!