Psychology: 3 sentences that people with strong character would never say

3 sentences that people with strong character would never say

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Two poles meet on a daily basis: the desire to realize one’s own feelings and the desire to get along well with others. What would be the ideal path for those with strong characters?

It’s like this: sometimes we make decisions, and sometimes we avoid decisions that directly give us stomach ache. Because we suspect that they cannot be right. But instead of revising them, we try to argue them nicely with our minds.

The American psychotherapist Amy Morin has for Psychology Today rated three typical excuses for such situations. At first glance, they sound good and reasonable. But that’s the point: sensible is not always the best.

1. “I deserve to be happy!”

Your boyfriend is mad because you’re going to be without him for the third weekend in a row? Of course that’s fine. Everyone is responsible for making themselves happy. But you also have to differentiate between what makes you satisfied in the long term and in the short term. And a partner who feels ignored is definitely no guarantee of long-term happiness.

2. “I’m just being honest!”

Every word we say to others makes a difference. And in some cases it is better to hold back your spontaneous impulses. Perhaps the sentence pulls the other: n down beyond measure? Is it respectful what i say? People with strong characters know the power of their words.

3. “I don’t care what other people think.”

This, too, can be an excuse to act out one’s selfishness. But the sentence can also be a sign that you are afraid to deal with others and get into conflict.

What distinguishes people with strong character instead?

People with a strong character deal with others. They explain instead of withdrawing in conflict. They are compassionate and know that they have an impact on the world around them.

The good thing is: we all have these abilities in us! You can learn to argue and communicate lovingly, if only by remembering these sentences over and over again.


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