Psychology: 5 tips to strengthen your mental immune system

5 tips to strengthen your mental immune system

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Vitamins and Co. keep the body in shape and protect it from illness. But what about mind and soul – how can we keep fit?

Whether an apple a day or a cold shower in the early morning – we are ready to accept a lot to protect, strengthen and maintain our physical immune system. Body and soul are closely linked: if we don’t pay attention to one thing, it will affect the other.

With a sane mind, we can navigate times of crisis without falling into a hole. That doesn’t make the challenge any easier, but it does make our view a little clearer for what is.

5 ways to do something good for the mental immune system


Researchers at Carolina University showed in a 2013 study that bad news makes you sick over the long term. This also includes being regularly exposed to energy-sapping moods. Breaking away from everything every now and then is an effective way to protect ourselves from mental pathogens.

Social media detox

Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Snapchat – grabbing our smartphone in the morning leads us directly to these apps. The result? You compare yourself and you may feel down. Such feelings can quickly affect the entire day. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle online can help keep track of what’s important.

Cleaning up inner chaos

One task that you have to face on a regular basis is shedding ballast. Everyone has their own tactics to process what moves us: write a diary, meditate, a long overdue conversation or just take a walk. Tidying up or rearranging our own four walls also has a clarifying effect on us and creates the opportunity to consider new perspectives.

No final decisions for temporary problems

Who does not know it: something happens that really upsets us and at that very moment we make a decision. It is rarely the right choice, because our frustration and many disturbing emotions cloud our view. At such moments, the problem seems worse than it actually is. Hence the golden rule: Don’t make decisions if you are not in balance.

Make use of therapy

Finding a place can be tedious and nerve-wracking, but the result is gold. Therapists have helpful knowledge and solutions with which the mental immune system can be strengthened, for example by working through traumatic experiences together. You don’t have to be ashamed of it for a long time!