Psychology: 7 things that make life unnecessarily difficult for us

7 things that make life unnecessarily difficult for ourselves

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Is life hard and exhausting? We don’t like to say it – but maybe that’s a little bit up to you …

If we free ourselves for a moment from all of our annoying appointments, annoying tasks, and mood swings that destroy our motivated resolutions, we might inadvertently come to the following conclusion: We make most of our problems ourselves!

Let’s try briefly to imagine that there are no concepts such as “problem”, “stress” and “failure” in our thinking – could we then have negative feelings of this kind at all …? Okay, hard question, let’s leave that! It is enough if we try to identify a few difficulties that we shouldn’t really have at all. After all, we don’t actually “have” to do anything in our lives. After all, our life is an incredible coincidence and a gift that we can do whatever we want with. And after all, our lives (even if we rarely realize that) are only very, very, very, very short. We really don’t have any time to waste – least of all with homemade problems!

7 things we make life difficult for – even though nobody forces us to

1. Competitive thinking

Yes, yes, competition stimulates business – but luckily our life is not a stupid business! Aren’t the best moments those we spend with friends and loved ones? And they are not also Is it so nice because we stick together with these people and pull together, but never measure ourselves against them? Why not just work with other people instead of against them? Then nobody can lose anymore …

2. High standards and perfectionism

Whoever undertakes more than he can do, cannot be satisfied – simple calculation, right ?! But why do we still expect so much from ourselves? Why do we set goals beyond our limits when the achievable ones help us progress and motivate us? Nobody can expect us to overwhelm ourselves. What we can give is loose enough!

3. Full schedule

Always under stress and no time to breathe deeply – who is feeling this way and who is bothered by it is often largely responsible for it. After all, we don’t have to make every appointment and plan every minute of our lives. A little idling here and there is certainly not a waste of time. Constantly rushing through world history and only perceiving everything around you with half a sense, maybe even earlier …

4. Self-criticism

As the Dunning-Kruger effect and impostor syndrome show, self-doubt is often an indication that you have a lot to do. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason that we take our self-criticism seriously to heart and let it pull us down and make us unhappy. Self-reflection, of course, strengthening self-confidence, anyway, but making yourself a victim of your own self-criticism – absolutely unnecessary!

Signs that you don't love yourself: A young woman is hiding under her sweater

5. Fight against your own body

The fact that our body is primarily there to get us through life healthy and lively has got around a lot – but it has not reached everyone’s hearts. We just noticed certain physical characteristics, it doesn’t matter how we look! We should do sport primarily because it is good for us, not so that our abdominal muscles can be seen. Imagine dying and dieting all your life – not the best idea, right …?!

6. Think for others

It doesn’t necessarily matter what others think of us or if someone has a problem with us – but it’s not our job to find out! How easily can we spoil our mood by referring to someone negative or in a bad mood ?! And how often does it turn out afterwards that we were not meant at all ?! In any case, far too often we worry about in vain, we feel bad because we accuse others of something instead of asking them – or trusting them to speak plainly to us when they have a problem from us!

7. Dishonesty

Whether we lie out of consideration, out of fear of looking bad or out of mistrust – with dishonesty we not only make life difficult for ourselves, but also for others. Dishonesty creates misunderstandings, creates insecurities and false expectations, and destroys relationships. Why don’t we trust ourselves to be a little more truthful? After all, we’re all big and strong enough to cope with them …