Psychology: 7 women share their favorite compliment they’ve ever received

7 women share their favorite compliment they have ever received

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Well, what was your best compliment that a person has ever given you? Don’t you remember Maybe a few examples will help you on your way …

Everyone likes to get compliments – especially if they are sincere and believable. Then come from a person whose opinion means a lot to us – heavenly! Too bad that a lot of people, for whatever reason, find it difficult to simply express praise and good feedback to others … Well, luckily not all of them! Anyway, we have one on Reddit Thread found in which numerous women knew how to share their most beautiful compliment received so far.

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Women share their favorite compliment

1. Just smile!

“My biggest insecurity is my smile – that’s why the greatest compliment for me was that I have a beautiful smile.”

2. You’re funny!

“To be honest: I love it when someone tells me they think I’m funny because my humor is something I like about myself. When I was 11 years old, someone once said to me: ‘You’re not funny ‘Nobody thinks that.’ That hit me deeply. “

3. You can be relied on!

“You are the only one I can rely on.” (on the job)

4. You are enough!

“My best compliment came from my girlfriend. I had this shirt that I promised to give her, but I gave it to someone else because of unforeseen circumstances. I felt terribly guilty and almost cried when I did told her, but all she said was, ‘I don’t need an object to know that we’re best friends.’ That really touched me because she was basically telling me that she was friends with me just for my sake. And that was a great feeling. “

5. You are beautiful!

“I think my dearest compliment was that I am beautiful. I mean, beauty is certainly not the most important quality for me (I would prefer to be mistaken for smart, for example), but I don’t take it for granted. As a teenager a lot of people have told me I was ugly, so I became insecure about it (I was never questioned that I was smart, so I never took it as a special compliment), although several men have since told me they Finding myself pretty, it means a lot to me every time to hear that. ”

6. You are a good mother!

“Somebody once told me that my children are polite, well-behaved and lovable people with a great sense of humor and that as a mother I must have done a few things right. Since I raised my children mostly on my own, that has a lot for me means.”

7. You are smart!

“For me, the best compliments are when someone tells me I’m intelligent, clever and wise. Sure, it’s great to hear you’re pretty, but there’s nothing better than being praised for your intellectual abilities.”