Psychology: 8 types of people you need in your life

Even if we are responsible for our own lives: The people who are by our side play a decisive role in the course of the process. You can read here which types of people will help you advance and have a positive influence on you.

Whether we want to or not how our life goes depends to a large extent on which people we associate with and which influences we experience from our social environment – or not experience. The feedback and reactions of others to us and our behavior shape our self-image and self-understanding, help us to reflect and to orient ourselves. The exchange with them opens up new horizons and perspectives, broadens our view and lets us discover possibilities and things that we would never have found on our own. And sharing feelings and experiences helps us process. Without our relationships with our friends, loved ones, relatives and acquaintances, our lives would be completely different – and we would be different too.

According to studies, one of the characteristics that characterize groups of friends or the social network of particularly happy people is diversity. The reasons for this are diverse. For example, it can have a positive effect on a person’s tolerance and open-mindedness if they are friends with very different people. These qualities can be useful and happiness-promoting in many situations, and they can also have a positive influence on our attitude towards ourselves. In addition, having a diverse circle of friends or acquaintances offers the advantage that the probability is greater for different needs, challenges and life situations right To have people who can best help and advance us at this moment.

According to experts, the following types of people are particularly valuable and important companions on our path through life. Once we have found them, we are definitely not going to go wrong by nurturing the relationship with them as best we can.

8 types of people you need in your life

The optimistic type

A person who never loses hope and who almost always manages to keep an eye on the positive – optimist: inside can give us a lot of courage and strength and rub off on us with their attitude. They can help us to de-dramatize and keep us from falling into despair and hopelessness.

The: the mentor: in

Whether we feel insecure or lost, whether we are faced with an important decision or need advice – a: e Mentor: in is a person with whom we seek (and find) help, support and orientation. Who we trust and who we know sees more than we do, maybe even knows ourselves better than we do. And even if this: r mentor: in one day is no longer in our life (because it was perhaps our father who had to die), his influence and advice remains with us, because we know what he: she would tell us.

The brutally honest guy

Someone who tells us in no uncertain terms when we’ve screwed up something that we never have to speculate and interpret because he always makes it clear where we stand – brutally honest people may sometimes reveal something to us that hurts us. But often this pain is short-lived and protects us from worse.

The source of inspiration

Who brings you new ideas? Who makes you think or invites you to dream? People who inspire us and encourage us to stray from the straight path and to perceive the abundance of possibilities that life offers us and to draw from them – they are an enrichment and an indispensable companion on our journey.

The: the listener: in

People who listen well are rare – and very precious. They give us the opportunity to sort ourselves, strengthen our self-esteem by giving us interest and attention. Anyone who has a: n good: n listener: in life can consider themselves lucky. And maybe learn something from the person right away.

The challenger

Most people prefer to receive confirmation – and that is why many are particularly happy to give it. But every now and then we need someone to counter us. Who questions what we share with him and forces us to rethink our ideas, plans or opinions. Challengers may make us totter and doubt. But in the long term they give us a lot of security and keep us from getting lost.

The pragmatic type

Don’t think about it for a long time, just do it. Just start. And never “na “,” maybe “ or “later” to say. Pragmatic people can help us get out of the quark and pull things off instead of just talking about them. They encourage us to have experiences that would have passed us by in a quiet little room. You are a gift for which we can be grateful.

The guy who feels like you

Sometimes, when we are very lucky, we meet someone in our life with whom we feel so emotionally connected and related that it is almost scary. This person understands what is going on inside us without our being able to explain it to him. What matters to him is what we want to say, even if we are wrong in terms of formulation or tone. When we are with this person, space and time do not seem to exist and life feels easy, meaningful and right. And once we have found this person, from that moment on we live with the certainty that we will never be lonely again.

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