Psychology: 9 micro-moments showing that your life is the way it should be

9 micro-moments that show your life is exactly the way it should be

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Are you longing for the one big signal that you are on the right track in life? Maybe you don’t need that at all – if you pay attention to the quiet tones …

The marriage proposal, the passing of the final examination, the birth of the first child, the offer of temporary leave at work, the 40th birthday with our best friends … such events burn into our memories. They are like milestones on our life path that seem to indicate that we are on track: Another stage done, you’re doing really well. But what about the time in between? What if for years you simply don’t want to appear a darned milestone along the way, but we urgently need it for confirmation and security?

Then it would surely be helpful if we were also able to perceive the fine, subtle signals that indicate that, on the whole, we are doing everything right and that our life is rippling along as it should. These micro-moments that make up our everyday lives, but never burn themselves into our memories like marriage proposals and Co. There are certainly far too many of them to list them all at this point – but a few examples will probably suffice …

9 micro-moments that show your life is exactly the way it should be

1. You go to bed in the evening, turn around and fall asleep – until you wake up the next morning.

Yes, there can always be phases or days in which we cannot find rest, and yes, falling asleep immediately can simply be an indicator that we are dead tired. But as a rule, a healthy, relaxed sleep is an indication that we are balanced and satisfied.

2. In the shower you suddenly notice that you are singing.

Or while driving, walking, cleaning, tidying up …

3. You are happy about the fresh strawberries that you got at the market.

Are you really happy about the little things of everyday life? It speaks for a positive mood and a basic sense of gratitude that you are feeling. Probably because you are broadly satisfied with your life.

4. When you go shopping, you let the boy with the ice cream behind you at the checkout.

This shows caution, attention, serenity and relaxation. Apparently you are neither trapped in any circle of thoughts nor do you have the feeling that you are disadvantaged and that you have to stand up for your rights.

5. You are there for your best friend.

Free capacities to stand by your loved ones? Sounds like everything is at least okay enough with you to be able to set the right prios. And not everyone can say that about themselves.

6. Your neighbor tells you about his new job and you are happy for him.

No envy? No “would I be so lucky too”? Maybe it’s because you’re happy with what you have.

7. After your vacation, you can’t wait to see your colleagues again and hear what you’ve missed.

… and finally to meet them again for an after-work wine or a coffee break.

8. You go for a walk and see how beautiful the sky is above you.

How pretty the trees look in this light with their leaves and – awww – the squirrel and is that a wren … ???

9. You wake up in the morning, know roughly what to do during the day, and get up.

This suggests that you have at least a rough idea of ​​what your tasks are and how you fill your time. And that that doesn’t stop you from getting out of bed. At least a good start – and no A matter of course …