Psychology: How to recognize smart people with little self-confidence

This is how you recognize people who are smart but have little self-confidence

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Intelligent people have great self-confidence? That’s not always true. Even smart people are not exempt from self-doubt and the like. Here you can find out how you can recognize smart but not very self-confident people.

People with high self-confidence often see themselves as intelligent, or at least they skillfully convey it that way. You actively participate in discussions. They have an opinion on everything, are informed about everything, at least that’s how it seems. But that means, conversely, that people with less Confidence are less intelligent? No way. The opposite is often the case, and reserved people are particularly clever. They just don’t express this side of themselves as much, they live it out more internally. How can we then determine their intelligence?

This is how you recognize people who are smart but have little self-confidence

You are perfectionistic

Typical of intelligent people with little self-confidence is their desire for perfectionism. Even when a task seems completed, they continue to engage with the topic. Questioning what they could have done differently, better. Reflect a lot. This characteristic means that they usually place extremely high demands on themselves, which often ends in actually avoidable stress for them.

They prefer to play it safe

They also don’t like taking risks because they are afraid of failing. New situations are also unpopular with intelligent people who lack self-confidence – anything that goes beyond their comfort zone in which they feel safe.

You don’t like to accept compliments

Because they regularly underestimate themselves and doubt themselves a lot, smart people without a lot of self-confidence find it difficult to accept compliments. They downplay their performance rather than see how well they just did something. They often blame success – and failure – on external circumstances rather than themselves.

They like to be alone

The fourth distinguishing feature is already clear from the previous ones: Intelligent people who have little self-confidence prefer to do their own thing rather than act in a group. This means they can live out their perfectionism as they wish, stay in their comfort zone without anyone pushing them or telling them off, and they don’t have to be afraid of others judging them – be it in the form of criticism or compliments. If they would like advice, there are a few select confidants whom they consult and to whom they are then grateful. But otherwise, smart but rather insecure people prefer to stay alone.


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