Psychology: My Grandma’s Habits That Inspire Me

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5 reasons why my grandma inspires me

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Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to accompany my grandma 24/7 for several days. Well, I would probably be very tired if I got up with her at five in the morning, walked thousands of steps through the west of Hamburg throughout the day, took part in hiking and play groups and of course shop, cook and wash in between. But I could certainly learn so much more than I already have the opportunity to do. One thing is certain for me: grandparents can be incredibly inspiring. Five reasons why it’s my grandma for me:

1. Sociable and open

It sounds banal and yet there is so much behind it. When I think about how difficult I sometimes find it to approach strangers and make small talk, I am always impressed by my grandma. Almost deaf in one ear and no longer able to hear the best in the other, she approaches (new) people and advertises for gaming or hiking groups in which she is an integral part. Lonely in old age? That’s not the case with her! This inspires me to always remain open and curious, not to close myself off even as I get older, but to still enjoy a good time in company.

2. Let go, because memories are stronger

However she manages it: My grandma can clean out things better than anyone else I know. Years ago, she decided to sell her house all on her own; before that, she gradually threw things away or gave them away. She registered in a residential facility and left behind the house in which her children grew up and in which there are many memories with my late grandfather. Of course it wasn’t easy for her, but she prepared for it for years and held on to the fact that the memories will last forever. Simply brave and so strong!

3. Cool and fearless through day and night

Talk about brave. Living alone in a large house for years would probably have led to many panic attacks for me. But that wasn’t the only thing my grandma mastered in a relaxed manner. Now in the residential complex on the first floor, depending on the temperatures, she actually only sleeps inside in autumn and winter. Otherwise, she puts a lounger on the balcony and sleeps peacefully outside. How cool is that? Wild animals or burglars immediately appear in my thoughts – well, maybe not the most realistic assessment, but I feel safer inside. And yet I envy my grandma so much for her courage and coolness.

And she’s so relaxed during the day too, I’d like to take a leaf out of that. We have a dinner date with the family and she just doesn’t show up. We worry that something has happened or wonder if she has mistaken the restaurant. She doesn’t answer her cell phone. 30 minutes later she comes in and says that the bus was in an accident and she walked a few kilometers. Her cell phone is in her pocket, but nothing bad happened, so she felt it was unnecessary to call and ask to be picked up. Okay, maybe she should be a little more concerned about us worrying. But I also find her independence and relaxed approach in all situations desirable.

4. Ask for help and be persistent

At the same time, my grandma also knows when it is time to accept help. She can no longer carry heavy crates of drinks, so she asks her children or grandchildren. If she doesn’t understand something acoustically, she asks. When she has to go home in the dark, she asks if we can drive her because then she has trouble seeing. The bottom line: asking is okay, no, even good. This is the only way we can move forward in life and make our everyday lives ideal for ourselves. And in keeping with that, my grandma taught me: persevere. If we need or want something, we can ask several times – after all, it’s about our well-being.

5. Always on the move and fully planned

There is another reason why my grandma inspires me. If I’m as fit as she is at the age of 87, then I’ll be really happy. Every single day of the week she takes thousands of steps, runs several kilometers through Hamburg and is simply always on the go. Surprising her spontaneously in her apartment is really a matter of luck and almost impossible for most of the day. Between her long walks, she takes part in additional hiking groups or game meetings. Goes shopping, cooks and bakes, does her laundry and takes care of everything else that needs to be done. At 87! Incredible …

And there is so much more that I learned from my grandmother. Shared memories that I will never forget. I am so happy and grateful that we get to spend time together and I really hope that it continues like this for many more years. Because I’m sure: Then it won’t just be these five reasons, which already inspire me a lot.


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