Psychology: These 5 signs will help you recognize emotionally related people

Emotionally related ?!
5 signs that you can tell

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Do you have a few people in your life with whom you feel connected in a very special way? Maybe you are … emotionally related ?!

Each of our relationships is unique: no two friendships are the same, each partnership is its own romance novel. That is hardly surprising, after all, every person we come into relationship with is a unique individual with whom we each have our own experiences, feelings and similarities.

What, however, can be astonishing and difficult to grasp at times: Sometimes we meet people who we not only like, with whom we do not simply understand each other – but with whom we feel deeply connected, even emotionally related. Any idea what (or who) we mean by that? If not, the following points may help a little.

5 signs that show you are emotionally related

1. You really feel understood

When we talk to other people, we try to use our words and sentence constructions to create an idea in them that comes as close as possible to what we want to express. How well this succeeds generally depends on various factors (e.g. what the chosen words mean for our counterpart versus for us, how well our counterpart listens, how well we know our counterpart and vice versa). However, some people, those we are emotionally related to, have such a striking idea when we talk to them, one so similar to our own that we feel deeply understood by them. That is why we prefer to turn to them with sensitive issues.

2. Conversations feel easy

There are those conversations in which you constantly have to explain yourself (or at least have the feeling that you have to), in which the essential points are ignored, it is difficult for us to follow ourselves or to stay on the ball – which are simply exhausting . We feel like we’re having these kinds of conversations all the time. If, on the other hand, we talk to an emotionally related person, the conversation flows smoothly like a river and could go on forever – if it wasn’t suddenly 3 a.m. and we didn’t have to get up early the next morning …

3. You empathize with the person intensely

Of course we participate in the life of all those close to us. But there is usually still a difference between that one good friend and that person with whom we feel emotionally related. While we are sincere about things regarding the former for they can feel sorry or we feel sincere for they are happy, take it with us psychologically when they are suffering from emotionally related people, or make us happy when something nice happens to them. That is why we usually have a stronger protective instinct towards such people and wish them something good from an even deeper heart than others – because we are downright affected by their lives.

4. It gives you strength to know the person in your life

We can have several people in our life who are important to us and do us good. Friends we have fun with, siblings who have known us from a young age, parents to whom we tell everything. But mostly there are only a few people who don’t even have to be around to make us feel better. A thought about her, the knowledge that we could call her or visit her at any time, helps, gives us strength and makes feelings of loneliness disappear in one fell swoop. Emotional kinship can also be felt when you are not with the person concerned. And feeling it is one of the most comforting, empowering experiences there is.

5. You almost always have space and time for this person

As social as we are, sometimes everything can get too much for us and we need space and time to ourselves. Unless an emotionally related person is suddenly at the door: In that case, we can usually suddenly imagine having company again, and we usually even feel better with it. Or if nothing really works, we can at least honestly tell an emotionally related person and arrange to meet them for another moment (which we are already looking forward to) without it feeling stupid to either of us. Because we know one hundred percent that she understands us.