Psychology: This important sign reveals whether you are really successful

This important sign reveals whether you are really successful

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How do we know that a person is successful? As much as one successful life may differ from another, they often share one characteristic.

Lot of money? A big house? Luxurious trips? How do we really know if a person is successful? To do this, we first have to define what success actually means. And that’s not so easy, because what we consider to be a successful life is very individual. Some strive for a high, well-paid position at work and see professional status as success. Others perceive a family life with children to whom they can show the world as a successful life. And still others apply completely different standards for when they consider their life to be successful.

Anyone who considers their own life to be successful wants to give something back

But one feature could connect all these different understandings of success: when we start giving something back, then one could say our life is truly successful.

Why it is like that? First of all, most people need a certain standard of living to even have room to think about what they can do for others. Because if we are only concerned with surviving – and this can also be meant in a figurative sense, for example if we are not feeling well mentally – we often lack the strength to help others on a large scale.

Generosity makes you happy – according to science

But when we are doing well and we see our life as successful and are satisfied with it, the desire to share this happiness with others usually automatically arises. This can be in a monetary way, by donating some of our money, whether to a larger charitable cause or in a small way, in our personal environment. We can also give back by sharing our time or knowledge with others. This can be done, for example, as part of volunteer work. Or in our immediate environment, by supporting our own family or otherwise getting involved in the community.

And this generosity can also be good for us: various things Studies have shown that people who are committed to others are healthier and happier. They often have better heart health, hearing and sleeping better. Even lower mortality rates have been found among people who regularly give time or money to others.

What can we do for others?

We humans are social creatures. Even though there are introverts and extroverts, those who like to do a lot for others and those who think more about themselves – we all need other people. And we also need the feeling that we can do something for others. This doesn’t always work to the same extent, but anyone who is satisfied with themselves and their own life will eventually come to the point of wanting to do something for others.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every person is firstly a bad person and secondly not successful if they don’t set up a charitable foundation or don’t donate every free minute to those in need. After all, giving back can also take place in a very small, private setting. Maybe the person just calls their grandma very regularly and makes her happy. Or she notices the seller of her local homeless magazine in front of the supermarket and gives him a few warm words.

It’s more about understanding the following: Anyone who is at peace with themselves and sees their own life as successful and successful often develops a mindset that allows more space for others and the desire to give something back.

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