Pu Erh Tea: Lose Weight and Get Healthy?

Pu Erh tea: origin

  • Pu Erh is not only distinguished by its name. The tea is known for its special aroma and the associated taste. Pu Erh is one of the oldest teas and is firmly anchored in China's culture.
  • Presented as a gift to the emperor during the Han Dynasty (AD 25-220), the tea was reserved for the upper layer for a long time, which was not least due to the complex production. At times the tea was so valuable that it was used as a means of payment.

Making Pu Erh Tea

  • Pu Erh tea is obtained from the leaves of wild tea trees. These are mostly found in the Chinese province of Yunna, as well as in tropical areas near Burma and Vietnam. The leaves are larger than those of other tea plants.
  • How is the production of black tea or green tea different? Well, you can buy Pu Erh tea in different variations. These differ in terms of storage, quality, fermentation or age. There are two main categories.
  • Ripe Pu Erh: This is dark Pu Erh tea, which, due to its special production, accelerates aging and guarantees fermentation.
  • Uncooked Pu Erh: This green pu erh is pressed without first undergoing fermentation. It can be stored for decades, which further increases its aroma and taste.

Taste of Pu Erh tea

  • The green Pu Erh teas impress with a mild aroma with floral nuances. The taste of herbs predominates. Depending on the production and storage, the tea can initially appear bitter and then sweet. There can also be fruity notes (for example, dried plums).
  • You can also get flavored Pu Erh tea in combination with Vanilla, lemon or apricot, As a result, the tea convinces with a particularly fresh aroma.

Pu Erh tea: preparation

  • Use about a teaspoon per cup or four teaspoons per liter
  • Boil water and pour the tea over a filter
  • Let Pu Erh tea steep for about two to five minutes

If you want to prepare the tea classically, you can do several infusions. To do this, pour out the first infusion after half a minute and pour the same tea up to four times. So you can optimally enjoy the earthy sweet aroma of Pu Erh.

Pu Erh Tea: Effect

The current studies on the effects of various types of tea are still relatively poor. Therefore, statements about what effects tea really brings have to be handled carefully. However, you can still drink the tea if you hope for the effects below. Since not everyone reacts to food immediately, you should check to what extent tea has a positive effect on certain areas.

  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Relieve feeling of hunger
  • Regulate blood sugar levels
  • Lower uric acid levels
  • Protect nerve cells
  • purifying
  • detoxifying
  • Supports the intestinal flora

Pu Erh Tea: Good for Losing Weight?

  • Many teas have a reputation for increasing fat burning and stopping cravings. What about Pu Erh tea? Pu Erh Tea has earned a reputation as a fat killer even more than black tea or green tea.
  • In Chinese medicine, tea has a reputation for providing a detoxifying and detoxifying effect. However, as with all types of tea, it should be noted: Pu Erh tea is certainly an excellent addition to a diet. It is low in calories and can alleviate hunger, especially due to the caffeine it contains.

Buy Pu Erh tea

Pu Erh tea, like other types of tea, is not free from negative headlines. Residues of pesticides and other crop protection products can occur especially with inferior quality. Therefore, when buying the tea, pay attention to the selection of a recognized specialist shop, where you can also specifically ask the seller about quality and origin.

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