PUBG: Battlegrounds: a 20.1 update dedicated to balancing

Regularly, Krafton launches updates for PUBG: Battlegroundshis Battle Royale free-to-play. The opportunity to add content and make some improvements, but with this patch 20.1, the devs mostly focus on balancing and make some changes.

Without further ado, here are the key points of this 20.1 update for PUBG: Battlegrounds :

Weapon Handling Updates

  • Weapon Mods : due to the predominance of the vertical grip on the battlefields Update 20.1 will bring changes to the following: Thumb Rest, Angled Grip, Half Grip, Upright Grip, and Light Grip. Please see the patch notes for a full list of changes to each of these modules.
  • Shooting from vehicles : Using a vehicle in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has many advantages, especially in combat. The development team conducted several tests and looked at player feedback in order to balance the clashes between vehicles and players on foot, the outcome of which is too often a foregone conclusion.
    • Driver’s seat : During the deployment of version 20.1, the handgun reload animation will be instantly canceled if the driver controls the wheel of the vehicle. The duration of this handgun reload will be increased by approximately 50%, accompanied by approximately 20% stronger recoil on PC.
    • Passenger Seats : Weapon recoil will also be increased by 20% for PC players.

  • Riflescopes : in order to optimize the usefulness of assault rifles (AR) that are not designed for automatic fire, 8x and 15x scopes can now equip M16A4 and Mk47 Mutant. Three types of reticles will also be added to the 4x scope so that everyone can use their favorite model.

World and map updates

  • PUBG Global Championship 2022 : To celebrate the new edition of the PGC, Esport objects, such as flags, billboards and decorations of buildings will be scattered around the four corners of the maps Erangel, Taego and Miramar ! Be sure to follow PGC 2022 from November 1st.
  • Blue Zone : Players seem to get eliminated more often in the blue zone of Deston than on other cards. Because of this, the ray rate and blue zone start delay have been increased for the first phase. The second phase will be marked by an increase in radius, as well as an amplification of damage by distance. the Jammer Pack has also been readjusted to Miramar, Karakin, Haven and Deston via increased damage taken by the Jammer Pack in the Blue Zone.

Gaming comfort adjustments

  • Transportation : Transport functionality can now be used/cancelled using Limited Interaction keys. Several bugfixes and improvements have been made to this feature in certain situations.
  • On-screen ping marker : The screen ping marker will now be more transparent as the player/weapon reticle gets closer to the marker. The marker will now be available in competitive matches and will disappear after 30 seconds.
  • radio message : New radio messages regarding inventory have been added in the 20.1 update. Players will now be able to alert their teammates to the amount of specific items nearby or in their inventory, as well as notify other team members if a player has a certain item equipped or needs an item, a specific module or weapon.

Competitive Season 20

  • Competition : Update 20.1 introduces a new competitive season, which means that all the rewards obtained during season 19 will be automatically added to the players’ inventory when this new season begins. Once the previous season is over, and server maintenance is done, all rewards except parachute and medal will be removed from the edit profile page.

This update 20.1 will be available on October 11 in PUBG: Battlegrounds on PC, then October 19 on consoles. As a reminder, the Battle Royale will also soon host content from Dead by Daylight. You can buy a figurine Pop! from Lone Survivor of PUBG at €13.99 on Amazon.

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