PUBG: Battlegrounds, Ascenders, Airboats and Deston Map for 18.2 Update

Krafton is set to launch a new card later this month for PUBG: Battlegrounds, Deston. This map will be at the heart of the upcoming 18.2 update, but the developers also plan to add a lot of other little things, like ascenders, emergency parachutes, gas pumps or hydrofoils.

The 18.2 update of PUBG: Battlegrounds is detailed on the official website from Battle Royalebut here’s the thing to remember:

New Map: Deston

The anticipation and suspense for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ new 8×8 map is coming to an end as the ravaged near-future world of Deston arrives for players to explore. Deston offers players the opportunity to traverse different biomes: a flooded downtown home to one of the tallest skyscrapers ever seen in PUBG: BATTLEGROUND, a murky swamp, clear coastlines, magnificent mountains and uncharted islands. Deston will be available as a featured map and will be playable in Solo, Duos, and Squad TPP and FPP modes.

  • New Vehicle: Airboat – Traveling on land and sea? The new addition can provide for the amphibious needs of players without them having to change vehicles. The airboat is extremely fast on water and reaches 76km/h on land. It can carry up to five players and is only available in Deston.
  • Points of interest – A new map means new Points Of Interests, which players can explore! Deston proposes as follows:
    • Ripton – A partially submerged city that players will have to wade through in shallow water. They will be able to use the high skyscrapers to pass without hindrance from the air to the ground.
    • Swamp – A shallow swampy area in which players compete.
    • Concert – A real outdoor festival where it is possible to let go of a few dance steps before returning to the fight in search of the Chicken Dinner, as well as more points of interest that the players can discover themselves.

  • New Weapon: O12 – Deston also introduces a new exclusive weapon. The O12 is a 12 gauge shotgun that offers greater accuracy and range than any other shotgun, making it more effective in medium to close range combat.

Deston’s Equipment

In order to diversify the ways to play, Deston introduces new exclusive equipment, such as the Ascender for more vertical movement, the parachute as the default item for all players, as well as cell towers allowing to combine the use of Ascenders and parachutes in order to cover long distances quickly in Deston.

These items will trigger special in-game interactions and get players into a state of flow without disrupting their immersion. Each utility item on the map will be placed in players’ inventory upon entering Deston and can be used as many times as players wish. These items will not affect inventory weight and will occupy their own inventory slots.

New features

  • Petrol pumps – Deston will introduce working gas pumps for players to refuel their vehicles and travel around Deston. But be careful, as these pumps can create devastating explosions if shot at.
  • Security keys and doors – Deston’s security team seems to have left in a hurry and left security keys scattered around the map for players to find. These keys can unlock security doors and offer the possibility of harvesting high-quality loot. Security keys will be stored in inventory, each of which can only be used once.

Update 18.2 is already available on the PC test server of PUBG: Battlegrounds. It will be officially launched on July 13 on computers and then on July 21 on consoles. You can find derivative products PUBG on Amazon.

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