PUBG: Battlegrounds is coming to the Epic Games Store with free DLC

Available for more than five years now on PC via Steam, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has since evolved considerably. Renowned PUBG: Battlegroundsit is now playable in free-to-play on computers and home consoles, but on PC the title is still reserved for Steam.

This exclusivity will be history very soon, because PUBG: Battlegrounds will be coming to theEpic Games Store next December 8. For the occasion, the platform will offer the PUBG Founder’s Packa DLCs free to be collected before January 5, 2023 and which includes several cosmetic elements. The developers take the opportunity to announce that PC gamers will be able to compete in cross play on Steam and theEpic Games Storeso as not to divide the community and reunite the 100 survivors more quickly.

Even though Krafton don’t specify, the idea here is to get a little more money back on microtransactions, Steam being known to take around 30% of revenue from publishers, while theEpic Games Store seduces the studios with its margin of only 12%. It remains to be seen whether players will take the step towardsEGS at the launch of PUBG: Battlegrounds this week. You can find gaming PCs on Amazon.

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