PUBG: Battlegrounds, Neon map, improvements and new features in the 2023 roadmap

This year, PUBG: Battlegrounds celebrates its sixth anniversary, Krafton decided to mark the occasion with several small events in-gamebut the studio also took the opportunity to unveil there roadmap from 2023and the players of the Free-to-play battle royale will have something to do.

PUBG Battlegrounds Roadmap 2023 (3) PUBG Battlegrounds Roadmap 2023 (1)

The developers promise many improvements and new features, including a new map, Neon. The whole program is detailed on the website of PUBGbut here’s the thing to remember:

  • Normal mode is still fun – Normal Mode is meant to be PUBG’s fun zone, where Survivors can get away from the tactical intensity of Ranked games. In an effort to support their vision for Normal Mode, which is meant to offer a faster approach to PUBG, the development team will be looking at Blue Zone items, vehicles, and spawn rates. It will also implement a new revive system, which stands out from the Comeback and BR modes, and will offer a complete gear overhaul related to all aspects of the PUBG: Battlegrounds experience.
  • Improved Ranked Mode – Survivors eager for competition are not left out. This will increase the rewards of Ranked as the development team aims to bring Ranked mode closer to esports, which means that both modes will soon have the same settings. In addition, future updates to Ranked mode will also be applied to official PUBG tournaments, so fans can enjoy the same gaming experience as their favorite players.
  • Neon sheds light on a new world – A new card, codenamed “Neon”, is coming later this year. If this code name conjures up visions of urban jungles made of concrete and glass for players, then they are on the right track. Neon will feature several areas, such as a modern city full of sparkling skyscrapers and surrounded by its rural areas. Neon will also offer multiple transportation options via land, water, and sky, as well as a new type of gameplay that is yet to be unveiled. These changes extend beyond Neon: Erangel and Miramar, PUBG’s oldest maps, will receive a visual overhaul that includes large-scale improvements and new locations to discover.
  • Improving life outdoors – An overhaul of Arcade mode will introduce new ways to play (inspired by already existing LABS modes in some cases) as well as the addition of a rewards system that will further entice players to check them out. The PUBG team is also planning a mid-year launch of the long-awaited Clan system and will offer new updates to the Survivor Pass that aim to lower the difficulty of obtaining rewards. A complementary update to progressive weapon skins will make the quest for these rewards even more enticing for players, with level-based visual effects, a wider range of colors, the (re)launch of old popular skins and exciting upcoming collaborations. Finally, the development team will redouble their efforts on the anti-cheat aspect, with the help of machine learning technology that knows how to spot red flags such as the use of illegal software and abusive behavior. .

Krafton still has a few surprises in store, but it is already clear that the players of PUBG: Battlegrounds will have plenty to enjoy in the months to come. As a reminder, the title is available in free-to-play on PC, PlayStation and Xbox, you can find cards NHP on Amazon.

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