PUBG: Battlegrounds, the essential Battle Royale becomes free-to-play today with its update 15.2!

You might have missed the announcement in the Game Awards 2021, corn Krafton did announce that PUBG: Battlegrounds would become free-to-play. the Battle royale which popularized the genre in 2017 was until now exclusively sold in the premium format, which did not prevent it from offering in-app purchases for cosmetics.

The recipe is therefore changing today: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds becomes available for free download, always with in-app purchases for aesthetic elements. Veterans will also be entitled to some bonuses of the kind to thank them for their investment, just like the newcomers who will get the Battleground Plus DLC at € 12.99 unlocking “private custom matches, EXP boosts, commemorative clothing pieces and much more ”.

If you’ve never dabbled PUBG: Battlegrounds, now is the time, whether on PC via Steam, PS4 and PS5 where the Playstation plus is not required to play online, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S where subscription Xbox Live Gold is mandatory, and finally even on Stadia where no prerequisite is required, other than a screen and a controller or a keyboard.

The game welcomes in passing its update 15.2 introducing new tactical equipment including the Drone and theEMT, simple workouts and against up to 99 bots, and more. The novelties can be found in the video above or in detail and in English here.

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