PUBG: Battlegrounds, the new Deston map revealed and detailed

Krafton keep adding content to PUBG: Battlegroundshis famous Battle Royale now playable in free-to-play on computers and consoles. The title will welcome in a few days a new map, Destonpresented today in detail by the developers.

Deston will be ‘the biggest, widest and densest map the game has ever seen’ in PUBG: Battlegrounds, with urban environments, hills or swamps. You will have to know the biomes like the back of your hand to survive on this mapand the studio will take advantage of the event to add other features and content:

New Map: Deston

Several elements and feedback from Haven were considered during the 8×8 map design to ensure the look, feel and mechanics are worthy of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Deston is the biggest, widest and densest map the game has ever seen. Throughout a match on Deston, players will encounter awe-inspiring urban environments comprised of tall, vertical buildings, rolling hills, plains, and newly designed swamps. The map aims to strike the right balance between fun gameplay and immersing players in realistic battlefields. Deston will challenge players to learn each biome on the map in order to anticipate and understand how to consider different gear, vehicles, and cover in order to get a Chicken Dinner. Please find below a more detailed overview of the new Deston biomes.

  • The swamp – In the northern part of the map is the very first swamp in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. This area is a unique environment, filled with new experiences for players. The dense and lush mangrove forest calls for plenty of hand-to-hand combat.
  • The central plains – Central Plains offers the traditional experience that players have come to know and love. Similar to Erangel and Taego, this area strikes a balance between cover, scenery, and points of interest (POI) that players can explore. The POI Lodge, located in the Central Plains, is the largest building ever built in the game. Players can travel there and experience how certain hunters can become the hunted.
  • Concert District – Partygoers will have fun in the Concert District, and can spot a gigantic chicken balloon floating through the air. The paintball arena will also offer opportunities for short, medium and long range engagements. Players will want to familiarize themselves with this POI as it may be added to Team Deathmatch maps in the future.
  • Western Highlands – Snipers will enjoy what the Western Highlands region has to offer, players’ sniper and sniper rifle skills will be put to the test. Featuring minimal plants for a wide level of visibility, unsuspecting players may find themselves in the middle of a line of sight. The winding hills and dry, rocky atmosphere of the deserted coastal island area will allow for more cover encounters as well as hide-and-seek.

New Features: Movement Mechanics

  • Ascend – With the addition of the official map, a brand new movement mechanic will arrive in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS to transport players around Deston. The Ascender is a motorized pulley that players can expect to find attached to the wall of certain buildings, including special cell towers. This new system will allow players to go from the ground to the top of a building, but also to descend smoothly. Additionally, players won’t have to wear special items to use elevators and their speed can be adjusted by the sprint key.
  • emergency parachute – There’s no point in creating the tallest buildings ever introduced in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS if you can’t jump down, that’s why the always-on emergency parachute was created, players will be able to jump from the heights of Deston without fear. The Emergency Parachute is a default item in player inventory and is always active. It will redeploy for players falling on the map to save them from the ground and therefore a premature end of the game. In addition, the special cell towers with elevators on them will allow players to combine the elevator with the rescue parachute and thus create a slingshot-like movement to move around the map.
  • Petrol pump stations – Deston will introduce working gas stations for players to refuel vehicles while moving around the map. However, be warned that these gas stations can explode Michael Bay style if shot at.

New Tactical Gear: Blue Chip Detector

The Blue Chip Detector is the new Tactical Gear available with the launch of Deston! The Blue Bullet Detector is a close-range version of the Scope, which will help players detect the location of opposing players within a certain radius. However, due to the detection delay, the Blue Chip Detector does not display the location of other players in real time, and it will not show the exact vertical position when used in urban neighborhoods.

The core gameplay of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS remains a top priority and feedback around the new tactical gear will be closely watched once players get their hands on it.

New weapons

Like all maps, Deston features two exclusive new weapons for players to try out during matches. The Origin 12 is a shotgun with superior accuracy and range that makes it more effective in all areas of the map. The MP9 is a new super powerful submachine gun, specialized in close combat situations.

The map Deston will be available from July 13 in PUBG: Battlegrounds. You can find above a long live where the developers present the mapas well as cards NHP on Amazon.

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