PUBG: Deston, the new map, was imagined four years ago

If PUBG players are happy to discover Deston in this month of July 2022, we learn that the development teams started working on the project in 2018more or less at the same time as Sanhok, who arrived shortly after.

In an interview with The Loadouts, Dave Curd, Creative Director of PUBGexplains that they have always wanted to make a vertical card “. It is also in this sense that Haven appeared, although it is a smaller card. The goal was also to see what the feedback from the players would be regarding this card to see what could be interesting to bring to Deston.

I remember featuring both Sanhok and a downtown-style map almost four years ago. Haven was our first draft and it gave us a lot of key learnings.

So, after collecting opinions and working for many months, Kiki was teased before she officially became Deston recently. But the objective was, of course, not to simply provide a vertical map, but a complete battlefield, where verticality has an important role, which players can take advantage of. The future will tell if the experience is of quality, but the teams have taken care to design different biomes, all with specificities, but also unique features, such as ascenders, zip lines allowing quick access to the top of buildings .

With 8×8 maps, we need to provide varied terrain types with a wide range of combat possibilities. They should also say something new by being visually unique while entertaining the player with places to explore, new mechanics, and everything else that makes a great PUBG map great.

Finally, Dave Curd explains that the futuristic side of Deston allowed the teams to let their imagination run wild, exceeding certain limits placed for other maps. Deston is PUBG’s ninth map, and it seems unlikely to be the last.

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