PUBG: launch with great fanfare for Rondo, the tenth map of the game

At the time of typing these lines, PUBG is the 3rd most played game on Steam with 587,705 players connected simultaneously. Well, the deployment of update 27.1 is undoubtedly no stranger to this phenomenon, especially since the update in question rhymes with the release of Rondo, the tenth map of the PUBG Studios game. Also known as Field of Honor, Rondo is an 8×8 map that offers more playable terrain than any other map in the game. Inspired by Asia and more specifically China, Rondo is divided into two regions distinct.

Rondo stands out with its diverse terrain, from serene lakes and bamboo groves in the southwest, to distinct ridges in the northeast. Notable areas such as the verdant beauty of Yu Lin Village, the waterfall-rich landscape of Tin Long Garden and the riverside architecture of Mey Ran offer varied strategic options. Jadena City’s skyscrapers and neon-lit streets promise intense urban battles, while NEOX Factory introduces unique combat scenarios. Additional areas such as Rin Jiang, Jao Tin, and the stadium present their own challenges. Innovative map features include destructible bamboo for tactical depth and an additional starting plane for more landing options. Rondo also introduces the JS9, a 9mm SMG ideal for close combat », Details Krafton in its press release.

As if to show that money is still flowing freely at the Korean publisher, Krafton released an 8-minute promotional short film in which director Sam Hargrave (Tyler Rake) films the fight between Daniel Wu (New Police Story) and Lee Jung-Jae (Squid Game). The avatars of the two actors (Alpha and Beta) will also be featured among the rewards to unlock in Rondo’s Survivor Pass. All the details are available on the game website. Here is the short film as well as the Rondo gameplay trailer.

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