Public prosecutor’s office submits request: investigations against Spain’s first lady could end

The public prosecutor files an application
Investigations against Spain’s first lady could end

Spain’s First Lady Begoña Gómez is accused of exploiting her position for business. Her husband, Prime Minister Sánchez, is considering resigning. Now the two of them receive good news.

Good news for Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez in the corruption scandal surrounding First Lady Begoña Gómez: The public prosecutor’s office in Madrid has requested that the preliminary investigation against Gómez be stopped, the TV station RTVE, the newspaper “El País” and other media reported, citing the judiciary . At the same time, the prosecution filed an appeal against the admission of the corruption complaint, it was said.

A justice spokesman confirmed this information upon request. The public prosecutor’s point of view has weight. However, only the judge decides whether to initiate a formal investigation. After the corruption complaint against his wife became known, Sánchez complained on Wednesday about a political mudslinging and announced that he was considering resigning from the office he has held since mid-2018 because of what he sees as unjustified attacks against his family.

The 52-year-old socialist politician complained that he was being harassed by the right and the extreme right using every means possible. Sánchez plans to announce his decision about a possible resignation on Monday. The complaint was filed on Wednesday by the organization “Manos Limpias” (Clean Hands) in a court in Madrid.

She accuses Sánchez’s wife, who does not hold public office, of influence peddling and corruption in the economy. The 49-year-old is said to have helped entrepreneurs win public contracts thanks to her position. “Manos Limpias” is a private group that has been campaigning for right-wing causes in Spain for years. She admitted that her complaint was based on media reports.

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