Punch Needle: Basics and Tips

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This is how you create chic murals with the punch needle

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With the Punch Needle you can decorate pillows, bags or create great murals! We’ll show you how to do it step by step.

What is a punch needle?

Punch needle or needle punching, also known under the name rug hooking, can be imagined as 3D embroidery. Textiles can be decorated with embroidery, and the punch needle creates an additional 3D effect. You can find out how the technology works here.

You should know that

  • the Punch needle and the wool must match, otherwise the result will be nothing! The bigger the needle, the thicker the thread should be. Thicker wool creates a particularly noticeable effect.
  • Some models have different levels with which the Adjust the needle length let: the longer the needle, the larger the loops will be.
  • Other punch needles, on the other hand, have a fixed needle length or change needles are included when you buy them.
  • The motifs become more noticeable if you playing with the sizes of the loops and vary these within a motif. The satin stitch, which is actually created on the back with needle punching, can also be used for this (for this you have to remove the fabric from the frame and clamp it the other way around!).
  • Suitable for embroidery loosely woven fabric, becomes common Monk cloth recommended for this technique.
  • The frames are available in round and square shapes. The fabric is in the Embroidery hoop Tense, in the literal sense – it must not sit too loosely, but must have a certain tension. The front side you are embroidering on will end up being the back!


Threading differs according to the model:

With punch needles that have a slit on the side, the thread is pulled in over this side and passed through the eye at the top.

Others come with a threading aid: you push this from above, i.e. through the needle, down until the wire loop peeks out of the lower end of the punch needle. There you pull some of the wool through and hold it so that you can then pull the threading aid out again so that the thread is now peeking out at the top. Finally, pull the thread through the eye of the needle (from back to front).

punch needle with Einfaedelhilfe

Wooden punch needle with threading aid

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Punch Needle – the material

What is the Punch Needle suitable for?

punch needle mural

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Technology matters Pillows, carpets or murals real eye-catchers! The 3D embroidery cuts a fine figure in the home as decoration, and bags can also be decorated with it. And: A self-made punch needle work of art is a great one Gift or souvenirwhether for a birthday, an inauguration or seasonal occasions like Easter!

Instructions for 3D embroidery

punch needle: fabric and punch needle

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Once the frame is taut and the needle and thread are ready for use, you can start. These are the basic steps of needle punching:

  1. Hold the punch needle so that the flat opening is facing up and the tip is facing down (see picture above). The thread should hang loosely all the time!
  2. Put the needle on a marked spot and stick it in.
  3. Now continue to make small stitches along the marking. The needle must always be in contact with the fabric, as it were pulled over it.
  4. Start with outlines before going to the inner part of a design.
  5. In the second row, place the stitches offset from the first.
  6. Are you finished with a part or completely finished: Cut the thread (s) close to the fabric, apply a fine line of glue with the textile adhesive (e.g. with a brush) and let it dry.
  7. If the fabric remains in the frame, loosen it and clamp it the other way around again, so that now the great effect is on the front.
  8. Cut the overhanging fabric back to a few centimeters and glue it on the back or lightly attach it with a needle and thread.

These step-by-step instructions on the Wollplatz.de YouTube channel will help you to better imagine what the whole thing looks like:

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The technique is also ideal for beginners and with a little practice punching is always easier!

Nice motifs for punching

punch needle picture

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punch needle- picture with bee

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punch needle motif sheet

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punch needle motif with flowers

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And … which design do you like best? Often there are starter kits in stores that contain everything you need and the motifs are already printed on the fabric – nothing should go wrong with that.

By the way: You can find out more about embroidery in the article Learn to embroider and you can discover great embroidery ideas here. More exciting DIY ideas are waiting for you here.

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