Purchase of turbo calls STMicroelectronics


Purchase of turbo calls STMicroelectronics | Photo credits: STMicroelectronics

The Franco-Italian group will not publish its final financial results for the 2021 financial year until January 27, but it has already given a foretaste to the Stock Exchange by announcing, last week, a 10.2% increase in its activity. in the last quarter, to 3.5 billion dollars. Over the year, the specialist in chips for automotive batteries and sensors and antennas for smartphones should record 12.71 billion dollars in turnover, up nearly 25%. To play this dynamic, even if part of the rise is already in the market, we are positioning ourselves on turbo calls with unlimited code expiry C68CB, whose knock-out barrier of 34.45 euros is 18.6% away from the current level of the action. The leverage is close to 4.5. Quotation range: 4.74 euros – 4.75 euros.


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