Purchasing power: “It’s complicated to provide satisfactory answers”, admits Olivier Dussopt


An emergency for the most modest households but which this week has passed into the political background with the storm created by the promulgation of the law on pensions. Inflation, which stands at around 6.3% in France over one year, threatens all wallets. Guest of the Grand Rendez-vous d’Europe 1 / CNews / Les Echos, the Minister of Labour, Full Employment and Integration admits that it “is difficult to provide answers that are completely satisfactory”.

No 0% VAT on basic necessities

With the measures put in place for a year by the government, starting with the tariff shield on energy and the inflation compensation checks, the executive prides itself on having one of the lowest inflation rates in Europe. However, the latter continues to reject the proposal for a 0% VAT on basic necessities, in particular carried by Marine Le Pen.

“On a packet of pasta, for example, it only represents four or five cents”, defends Olivier Dussopt. “I’m not sure that this is passed on to the price for the consumer and that it is not enough to answer the question of inflation. I think that we have more useful and stronger answers”, details-t- he.

“And I also note that all these measures to protect the French, which cost a few billion euros in tariff shields or checks for the poorest households, did the allied deputies of Marine Le Pen vote for them? No. When it comes to voting measures that cost several billion euros to really help the French, they are absent subscribers”, tackles the minister. Olivier Dussopt recalled that according to the executive, the best way to fight inflation is to continue the battle for full employment.

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