Purchasing power measures could be presented on July 6 only

Olivia Grégoire, government spokesperson, clarified that the implementation schedule remained unchanged.

The package of purchasing power support measures prepared by the government of Élisabeth Borne could be presented a week later than planned, on July 6, in the Council of Ministers, the government spokeswoman said on Tuesday, while emphasizing that its implementation schedule remained unchanged.

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The government, which has made purchasing power its number one priority in the face of inflation and the impact of the war in Ukraine on energy prices, initially hinted that the text would be presented on Wednesday June 29, following the legislative elections. “It is possible that there will be a sliding week and not more, which could bring us to July 6“Said Olivia Grégoire during the report of the Council of Ministers, advanced by one day this week due to a trip by President Emmanuel Macron to Romania and Moldova on Tuesday evening and Wednesday.

The Head of State had indicated, during a meeting on Friday with the main union leaders, that the social partners would be consulted on this package of measures within the framework of the future “National Council for Refoundation“. This consultation could lead to the presentation of the bill to the Council of Ministers being delayed by a week, said a government source.

What is essential for the government is not so much the start of the parliamentary debate as the vote on this bill awaited by the French“continued the spokesperson. “Our objective is still that (the text) be presented on June 29 or July 6, that these measures – tariff shield, increase in pensions, point of civil servants,… – are indeed ringing and stumbling in the portfolio of the French in the month of August“, after a vote in Parliament, she added.

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