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Put away so as not to crack, zoom on the FlyLady method

Have you always dreamed of a more organized and orderly daily life? No doubt, the FlyLady method is for you and it will be even more useful during this time of confinement.

After the Marie Kondo method, it's the tidying up technique FlyLady who is talking about her! Invented by Marla Cilley, this method aims to gradually take back home by integrating new organizational habits into their daily lives. For this, the American recommends dividing the daily tasks into small tasks to be done in 15 minutes every day. "Your home did not get cluttered or soiled in one day. So don't plan to put it back in order and have it clean in a day either", explains Marla Cilley.

Indeed, it is by storing and cleaning a little bit every day that you will feel the benefits of the method. But above all, the FlyLady method offers the possibility of living in a place neat and tidy, but also to reconnect to yourself. By regularity, our interior thus finds a neat and organized aspect throughout the year and that necessarily has an impact on our well-being. Because yes, living in a house that is more welcoming, less crowded and easier to clean is less stressful and allows you to take time for yourself.

FlyLady method: how do we do it?

To properly apply the FlyLady method on a daily basis, here are some key steps to follow:

  • We are going forward "baby steps", by putting in place a new habit every day. This makes it possible to cut out seemingly insurmountable tasks into little" tips "that are much more manageable and pleasant to perform.
  • We clear and tidy up our interior every day for 15 minutes at least. For this, we advise you to plan a weekly cleaning hour and establish a plan in which are defined the tasks to be done each day.
  • Take up the challenge of "27 Fling Boogie": take a trash bag or a cardboard box, go around your house and throw away the objects you no longer need. In total, you will have to throw 27 objects in just 15 minutes .
  • Apply the "Hot Spot Fire Drill"This is to locate piles of items piled up in the house (piles of clothes left on the chair in your office for example) and make them disappear as quickly as possible.

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And the mental load in all of this?

If the name of the method may seem sexist and full of clichés – especially with the "lady" – many today use this method for precisely better distribute household chores and mental burden within a couple or a family. Because yes, once the good habits are taken, the FlyLady technique becomes a real way of life.

It is in any case the ambition that Marla Cilley had in creating this method: practice the Fly for oneself, but also and above all lead by example to spouse and children. Besides, this technique implements many tools that allow you to delegate or share household tasks, such as the logbook or family calendar. So when do we start?

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by Helena Ergisi

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