“Putin lines up mistakes after mistakes”: Scholz warns the Kremlin against the use of nuclear weapons

“Putin is adding mistakes to mistakes”
Scholz warns Kremlin against use of nuclear weapons

In an interview, the Chancellor was unable to say whether Putin would be able to carry out his threat to use atomic bombs. But he expressly warns Putin in the words of US President Biden.

In the interview, Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the partial mobilization of the Russian armed forces announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin an “act of desperation and a somewhat panicky reaction to the failures of the Russian armed forces in eastern Ukraine”. This caused considerable unrest in Russia. “Putin is lining up mistakes after mistakes,” said the chancellor. The Russian president “could end this war immediately by withdrawing his troops and then starting talks with Kyiv”.

Scholz has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against using nuclear bombs. When asked whether Putin could carry out his threats, the Chancellor said in a video interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”: “Who knows? But like US President Joe Biden, I want to say very clearly to Russia: Let it stay!”

When asked whether Germany would expand its military support to Ukraine if Russia annexed the conquered areas in eastern Ukraine, as announced, the Chancellor said: “We will not accept the results of these sham referendums and will continue to support Ukraine with undiminished strength.”

Scholz annoyed by the tank debate

The self-propelled howitzers, multiple rocket launchers and anti-aircraft tanks of the Gepard type that have already been delivered have already made “a very important contribution to the success of the Ukrainian armed forces in the east of the country”.

Scholz was annoyed by repeated demands for German battle and infantry fighting vehicles for Kyiv: The debate “completely ignored the fact that with our ring exchange we are also enabling the delivery of more than 100 battle and infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine,” said the Chancellor.

Partners such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Romania and Greece are giving tanks from Eastern European production to the Ukraine, where they can be used immediately because logistics, ammunition, spare parts and the necessary know-how are available. “In return, we are gradually replenishing our partners’ stocks with Western equipment,” explained Scholz. He is therefore surprised “that some critics act as if we only deliver helmets”.

On the question of supplying his own main battle tanks, the chancellor said: “The attitude of the federal government is clear: no going it alone; and that will remain the case.” However, the situation in Ukraine is “very dynamic and we are constantly reassessing the situation”. But his “clear course” remains: “Germany is supporting Ukraine to the best of its ability and at the same time is doing everything possible to prevent a direct conflict between NATO and Russia.” That is the basis of all decisions. And “that also corresponds to the will of the vast majority of citizens,” said Scholz.

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