Putin, Netanyahu and the exploitation of the Second World War

PThe longer the Israeli offensive on Gaza continues and worsens, the more the affinities between Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin appear bluntly. First of all – in Gaza even more than in Ukraine – there are systematic strikes on civilian infrastructure in order to drive the local population into despair.

There is, then, the contempt displayed for the fundamental norms of humanitarian law, which has also led the International Criminal Court (ICC) to request arrest warrants, both against the Russian president and against the first Israeli minister.

However, this does not seem to trouble Joe Biden, whose unconditional support for Israel is based on an explicitly “Zionist” commitment of more than half a century. The biased references of the Russian and Israeli leaders to the Second World War and their aggressive rewriting of such history should nevertheless worry Western democracies on this eightieth anniversary of the Normandy Landings.

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“Chief Historian”

The invocation of the Great Patriotic War, during which 26 million Soviets died from 1941 to 1945, including 16 million civilians, has become the basis of the Kremlin’s ultranationalist and anti-Western propaganda. As Nicolas Werth masterfully demonstrates in his work Putin, chief historian (Paris, Gallimard, 2022), “ Stalin atone for Lenin’s sin. By restoring the flouted values ​​of patriotism rejected by the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, he restored Russia to its imperial greatness and led to the victory of 1945 “.

Laws heavily sanctioning the recall of collaboration between the USSR and Nazi Germany, from 1939 to 1941, were significantly adopted after the annexation of Crimea by Russia, in 2014, then the general invasion of Ukraine , in 2022. This is because it involves stigmatizing the Ukrainian resistance as a collection of “Nazis” engaged in a real genocide » against the Russian-speaking majority of Donbass.

As for Benjamin Netanyahu, he never said a word about the agreement concluded in 1933 between the Nazi regime and the Zionist organization, which became the only Jewish movement then authorized in Germany, an agreement which allowed the emigration of 53,000 German Jews to Palestine. On the other hand, he is inexhaustible on the assimilation of Palestinian nationalists to the Nazis.

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As early as 1993, when Israel signed the so-called “Oslo” peace accords with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Netanyahu, then leader of the opposition, drew a dubious parallel with the Oslo accords. Munich which, in 1938, dismembered Czechoslovakia for the benefit of Nazi Germany: “Arab regimes have embarked on a campaign to persuade the West that the Arab inhabitants of the West Bank, like the Sudeten Germans, are a separate people who deserve the right to self-determination. » He adds that “ the Arabs were directly inspired by the Nazis, as too often, to fight against Israel”.

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