Putting tennis balls in your washing machine is good!

Some people put tennis balls in their washing machine, but what’s the point? This is actually a very ingenious little trick that has many advantages!

When it comes to laundry care, everyone has their little tips! Before doing laundry, for example, some people put tennis balls in the drum of their washing machine. But is it really useful? And above all, what is it for? Well know that this is a rather very useful and effective tip! Placing tennis balls in your washing machine indeed provides several advantages: it increases the efficiency of washing (but also drying), saves laundry and therefore rejects less pollutants into the environment. !

Cleaner and more flexible laundry

By putting two tennis balls in the drum of your washing machine, you reduce the detergent doses by about 20%. Which is a very good point for those who are concerned about their environmental impact! The weight of the balls also helps to soften the laundry, and it comes out cleaner than usual. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we advise you (for the first two uses at least) to use the tennis balls with dark clothes. You never know, the ball can sometimes rub off on light clothes.

Pay attention to the weight of the balls

But beware ! In the long run, tennis balls can damage the drum of the washing machine. By dint of using them, some balls can indeed get bored and fill with water. When clogged, they can become very heavy and therefore damage certain textiles and damage the door and / or the drum of your washing machine. Also good to know: the use of tennis balls is not suitable for too delicate laundry. Instead, use them for your linens and towels.

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