QHD 27-incher from Dell: Monitor at a bargain price


For the SE2723D monitor you are currently paying the best price from the manufacturer Dell. The QHD 27 incher has that to offer.

The SE2723DS monitor is currently the cheapest available from the manufacturer Dell itself. (Source: Dell)

Dell has reduced the price of its SE2723DS monitor and is therefore offering the screen itself as the cheapest. An interesting offer for a 27-inch QHD monitor.

QHD means a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and thus even sharper images than the Full HD format, which most screens use. Due to the rather low refresh rate of 75 Hertz and a high response time, the monitor is only suitable for gaming to a limited extent.

However, thanks to the height-adjustable stand and the optional wall bracket, the monitor is ideal for longer working days. According to the manufacturer, the ComfortView Plus technology reduces blue light emissions, so that your eyes should remain relaxed even after prolonged use.

Dell SE2723D
  • QHD 27 inch monitor

  • Refresh rate: 75 Hertz

  • Response time: 4 milliseconds gray to gray

  • Height adjustable

At Dell, you currently pay 159.07 euros for the monitor. This saves you at least almost 50 euros compared to other offers.

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