Quadruple happiness: mother has twins twice in 13 months

“Oh my god…there are two!”
Mom will have twins twice in 13 months

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“Round two!” Britney and Frankie Alba from Alabama in the USA now have a full house. Just 13 months after having twin sons, the two are now welcoming their twin daughters. And then pregnancy is something very special.

The Albas at least have experience with multiples. In August 2022, their identical twin daughters were born. The sons Luka and Levi moved in 13 months earlier. Just six months after the twin boys disrupted their parents’ lives, Britney Alba suspected she might be pregnant again. As it turned out, her intuition turned out to be true.

Six months after giving birth to twins, pregnant again

Father Frankie Alba was of course the first to hear about the news. In a video posted by the University of Alabama in Birmingham, the mother of four recounts the moment: “Frankie, look, we’re pregnant.”

The newly minted parents felt well prepared for another baby. They were confident in their abilities and thought they could handle one more. However, the first ultrasound brought big news with it. At first only a little girl appeared on the screen. But upon closer inspection, it became clear, “Oh my god…there are two.”

After identical twin boys come identical twin girls

“We started laughing because we thought it was a joke,” says Britney. It wasn’t a joke. Not only is it extremely rare to have twins again, the two girls share the same placenta, amniotic sac and fluid – so it was another monochorionic pregnancy. Like the brothers, the girls are identical.

According to a press release from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, “No-Mo” twins are among the rarest types of twins, accounting for less than 1 percent of all births in the United States.

On The Today Show, Britney Alba said she wasn’t scared. You just said to yourself: “Ok! Round two.” She was admitted to the University of Alabama at the Women and Infants Center in Birmingham. The staff there were literally like family. When Lydia and Lynlee were born, Britney and Frankie Alba felt complete. “It felt right,” said Britney Alba.

Twice twins: This draws attention

Families with four children generally attract a lot of attention and then with twice identical twins – that is something very special for many. “People stare at us when we’re out in public. I used to get stopped all the time when it was just Luka and Levi,” Britney says. She was always asked if the two were twins. “Now it’s like a circus,” she says on the “Today Show”. “Everybody wants to take a look!”

The Albas already had respect for the two boys before the new task as parents and then with two babies. Now with four babies it’s a lot of work but they love it. It’s just become a new normal. The elementary school teacher and the fireman are happy with their four children.

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