Quattro balcony power plants with 1,640 watts: More power with diffuse light


The powerful balcony power plants from Kleines Kraftwerk are now also available as Quattro sets with four solar modules. Our exclusive voucher code gives you a discount of 150 euros for a few more hours.

Quattro balcony power plants at Kleines Kraftwerk: Save 150 euros with a voucher

Even if the sun is holding back in the last few days, there is still a long autumn ahead with very good prospects for solar yields. With a balcony power plant, you can harvest plug and play at home.

With the small solar system for the roof, the garden or the balcony, you can produce climate-friendly, cheap electricity for your own use, with a slightly larger Quattro system you can do this even in weaker light conditions.

Because even with Quattro balcony power plants, the feed-in power is limited to 600 watts and is only to be increased to 800 watts in 2024. It goes without saying that an updateable system is required for this. All balcony power plants available at Kleines Kraftwerk meet this requirement.

At Small power station Buy the Quattro sets with “august150”.*


At peak times, a Quattro balcony power plant supplies even more excess energy than a conventional single or duo balcony power plant. And is therefore even more suitable for combined use with storage to shift the energy supply over time.

However, a solar system only runs at its peak for a few minutes a day, if at all. Due to the course of the sun and weather influences such as cloud cover, it is much more difficult to harvest the few rays of sunshine – and this is where a Quattro system shows its strengths: In the morning and evening hours and when it is cloudy, a Quattro balcony power plant delivers twice as much yield as a standard System with only two panels – without being “forbidden strong” or too big to be attached to the house.

You can get balcony power plants for 500 to 600 euros in hardware stores or even at discounters like Netto, Lidl or Aldi. But if you want to rely on a little more power, you should use providers such as “Kleines Kraftwerk” or Priwatt.

In the online shop of Kleines Kraftwerk, a well-known supplier from Germany, you can benefit from the new Quattro sets, each with four solar modules and a total peak output of 1,640 watts. But that’s not all, because our readers can look forward to a discount code of 150 euros at the market launch.

Attention: The promotion period ends on August 31st.

Balcony power plant without mount Small power plant
  • 1,500 watt Hoymiles inverter

  • 4x Risen 410 Wp PV modules

  • Schuko or Wieland connection cable

  • 150 Euro discount with coupon code august150

The Quattro set without a bracket offers 1,640 Wp and, according to the manufacturer, can generate up to 1,600 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Each of the four modules included in the set achieves a peak output of 410 watts. The set is regularly offered for 1,026 euros, but with the code “august150” you only pay 876 euros plus shipping costs of 49 euros.

But the voucher is not only valid for the balcony power plant without a bracket. You can also use the “august150” discount voucher for the complete packages for attachment to the lattice balcony, the flat or tiled roof, on the wall or in the garden.

Balcony power plant with storage at a bargain price
Voucher code required

Just released, already significantly reduced: Kleines Kraftwerk gives you a discount of 200 euros on the balcony power plant solar flow from Zendure.

All Quattro sets come with a Hoymiles HM-1500 inverter that can be throttled to 600 or 800 watts. Note that an output power of up to 600 watts per household in Germany can be connected independently without an electrician without a permit.

For the connection you can choose between a regular Schuko connection cable and a Wieland power socket. In addition, three different cable lengths are available. The solar modules have more power overall than the inverter, so that it can generate full power more often even on weaker days.

The solar panels are completely black, have a black frame and, according to the manufacturer, have an efficiency of 21.3 percent. Which complete package is best suited for your home depends on the individual differences. We will go into more detail on these in a separate article.

The market now offers mini solar solutions for window frames and sills, ready-made solar systems can be rented from OBI – and a company from Brandenburg covers the house roof with solar tiles. There are even foldable solutions for leisure and camping on the go: the energy transition is now.

Don’t forget to ask us about funding opportunities in your region, we also list important tips for registering a balcony power plant.

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