Queen Camilla: She returned this generous gift from the Queen

Queen Camilla
The Queen gave her a corgi, which she returned

Queen Camilla and Queen Elizabeth (†)

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Queen Camilla may not share the same passion for corgis as Queen Elizabeth did. She barely acknowledged her gift, which once angered the late monarch.

It was a special gesture that Queen Camilla, 75, and her former husband Andrew Parker Bowles, 82, made: Queen Elizabeth, † 96, gave them one of their favorite companions, a corgi. The late monarch did not like the fact that the couple returned the dog, as Parker Bowles revealed in an article for the British cultural and political magazine “The Spectator”.

Queen Camilla angered Queen Elizabeth

During Queen Camilla’s first marriage to Cavalry Officer Andrew Parker Bowles, Queen Elizabeth gave them a corgi named the Windsor Flame. Andrew describes him in “The Spectator” as “wonderful, intelligent and courageous” – the complete opposite of their second dog Danny, who was later also bequeathed to them by the Queen.

Camilla Shand and Capt. Andrew Parker Bowles

Camilla Shand and Andrew Parker Bowles on their wedding day in 1973.

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Corgi Danny was, according to Parker Bowles, “short in stature, short-legged, and weak-tempered”. But that alone wasn’t the reason Camilla and Andrew decided against the dog and brought him back to Windsor. It was the 1995 separation and divorce that gave the corgi a new home. Camilla’s ex-husband says:

In 1995, Her Majesty was heard to say that the worst part about divorcing Parker Bowles was that she got Danny back.

The former monarch was therefore not happy about getting the dog back due to the separation.

Her corgis meant everything to the Queen

Queen Elizabeth owned over 30 corgis in her lifetime. Her first dog of this breed was a gift from her father, King George VI, †56, who was named Dookie.

Queen Elizabeth († 96) with her corgis in 1973.

Queen Elizabeth († 96) with her corgis in 1973.

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Their beloved corgis, as well as Danny, who was spurned by Camilla, were always in the care of Mrs Nancy Fenwick, who looked after the Queen’s dogs. He was very happy in Windsor for the rest of his life.

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