Queen Charlotte on Netflix: an actor has been added thanks to special effects and you cannot detect it!

Actress Connie Jenkins-Greig, who plays the younger version of Violet Briderton in ‘Queen Charlotte’, has revealed some amazing behind-the-scenes information about the Netflix series. Explanations.

Released on May 4 on Netflix, La Reine Charlotte, a series derived from The Chronicle of the Bridgertons, has met with great success on the platform. On social networks, the stars of the program continue to share some memories of the shooting and one of the most interesting comes from Connie Jenkins-Greig who plays the young version of Violet Bridgerton.

On his Tik Tok accountthrough a video already viewed by nearly three million people, the young actress reveals that Keir Charles, who plays her father, Lord Ledger, shot certain scenes separately before being added to the screen thanks to special effects.

The reason ? The actor had contracted the Covid during filming. “When your on-screen father wasn’t really present (because of the Covid) and we had to add him thanks to green screens afterwards”, writes the actress under her video. Sitting on a chair in costume, alone, surrounded by a green screen, the actor was subsequently embedded in a sequence of the series. The result is invisible to the naked eye.

This is not the first time that a Netflix series has used technology to circumvent the distance and insolation imposed by the pandemic. For season 4 of Stranger Things, Dacre Montgomery – Billy in the series – had shot a short sequence in Australia before being integrated into the final cut alongside the other actors.

Even more recently, at the cinema this time, the film Love Again with Priyanka Chopra Jones and Sam Heughan used this method. Singer Celine Dion, who plays herself, shot all her scenes separately in the United States, while filming continued in London.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Chapter is available on Netflix.

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