Queen Elisabeth II .: Corona prevents her visit to Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II
Corona prevents her visit to Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II is not allowed to visit Prince Philip in the hospital.

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Due to corona regulations, Queen Elizabeth II will not be able to see Prince Philip before he leaves the hospital.

Queen Elizabeth II (94) may not visit her husband, Prince Philip (99), at St. Bart's Hospital in London, to which he was transferred on Monday. Due to the corona pandemic, visits are currently not allowed – unless a person is dying.

According to the Daily Mail, she did not visit him at King Edward VII's Hospital, where he was previously treated. She is reluctant to disrupt the vital work of a hospital, they say, because she knows that her presence would put the staff under unnecessary pressure.

Separated for at least three weeks

It is assumed that Prince Philip will have to stay in the clinic "at least until the end of the week" – at least until March 7th. This means that the couple, who have been married for 73 years, have been separated from each other for at least three weeks. The 99-year-old, whose 100th birthday is due on June 10, was admitted to King Edward VII's Hospital in London on February 16 from Windsor Castle.

It was initially said to be a "precautionary measure" because he felt uncomfortable. In connection with the move to the private clinic earlier this week, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Philip would continue to be treated for an apparently persistent infection. In addition, tests should be carried out there for a possible previous illness on the heart.