Queen Elizabeth: expert reveals how she finds Kate

Not amused?

Anyone who thought that the Queen had played for "Team Kate" from the beginning had cut himself. On the contrary! To everyone's shock, the monarch does not seem to have been "amused" with the choice of her grandson Prince William. Judy James is an expert in body language and explains:

Kate's first appointments with the Queen show that Kate was excited and tense. It showed between conversations and smiles. She did everything to ensure that she sits correctly, stands and looks elegant. At the same time, however, also confidently.

Well, in Kate's defense, it must be said that this tension is not uncommon. After all, a normal mortal should be excited to get to know his in-laws in particular for the first time. Not to mention that it was the Queen herself. Dear Kate, we would be no different.

Big air between the two?

However, what actually caused confusion: the birthday parade "Trooping the Color" shortly after Kate and Williams' wedding. The expert reveals that the Queen and Kate avoided it. "They were leaning in different directions, there was no attempt to communicate from either side," reveals Judy James. Yikes! What is behind this should surprise many. Apparently the Queen should not have agreed with Kate's previous lifestyle, as the biographer Katie Nicholl revealed, Duchess Kate worked as a fashion buyer after graduation, spending a lot of time traveling.

No drama queen

But the fans can confidently exhale again, because these views are a thing of the past. Meanwhile, Kate and the Queen are said to have a very good relationship. "Today they seem to have a very warm, relaxed and almost friendly relationship with each other. Both women enjoy each other's presence ”, reveals the body language expert. We are relieved! A royal story with a happy ending.

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