Queen Elizabeth II: Barbados wants to break away from the monarch

Queen Elizabeth II seems to have to part with the title of "Head of State of Barbados". The island wants to become independent.

Queen Elizabeth II (94) is probably hardly "amused" about this: The Caribbean island state of Barbados no longer wants the British monarch to be its head. This was announced by Governor General Sandra Mason (71) recently with the reading of the speech from the throne. "It is time to leave our colonial past behind," it says.

Barbados has been independent from Great Britain since 1966. However, the island is still one of a total of 15 former British-ruled countries in which Queen Elizabeth II is the official head of state, but can be represented by a governor-general. "The people of Barbados want a head of state from Barbados," argued Mason now. Therefore it is "the next logical step" to declare Barbados an independent republic. On November 30, 2021, the island state's 55th anniversary of independence, the time has come.

Government keeps a low profile

What does Queen Elizabeth II think about the plans? A spokesman for Buckingham Palace was quoted by the BBC as saying: "This is a matter for the government and the people of Barbados". According to Jonny Dymond (50), Royal correspondent for British news channel BBC News, the decision "does not come out of the blue".