Queen Elizabeth II: Change on Instagram after Philip’s death

Queen Elizabeth II
Change on Instagram after Philip’s death

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The British royal family’s grief after the death of Prince Philip has come to an end. This is also shown by the monarch’s official Instagram profile.

The two-week official mourning phase for the British royal family after the death of Prince Philip (1921-2021) ended on Friday (April 23, 2021). Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, 95, died on April 9 at Windsor Castle at the age of 99. Also a subtle change on the Instagram account of “The Royal Family” now points to this change and the new era of the Queen without her husband.

Before Prince Philip died, the royal family account’s profile picture featured a photo of Queen Elizabeth II with her husband. After the royal death and during the two-week mourning phase, the official Instagram accounts of all royal family members changed their pictures in their respective official coats of arms. After the end of the mourning phase, there has now been another change.

Queen Elizabeth II: professional photo on Instagram without Prince Philip

The profile picture on “The Royal Family” now shows a photo of the Queen without her deceased husband. The close-up, which was taken during a public appearance in February 2020, was published on April 21 for the 95th birthday of Elizabeth II.

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During the official mourning phase, the Queen previously spoke in a statement about the loss of her husband. On her 95th birthday, she issued a statement saying the royal family was “in a time of great sadness”. The news after Prince Philip’s death was “consolation” for her, the monarch continued. In the first statement after her husband’s funeral on April 17th, she thanked people around the world for their “kindness”.

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