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While she has just canceled a trip to Northern Ireland to be able to rest, Queen Elizabeth II spent a night in the hospital to pass “preliminary examinations”.

Queen Elizabeth II was put to rest by her doctors on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. So she had to cancel her trip to Northern Ireland. She would have spent a night in the hospital afterwards, according to a statement from thePress Agency Reuters. At 95, she had not spent a night in the hospital for a very long time, the news agency recalls. According to the communications department of Buckingham Palace, the queen would have spent “preliminary examinations”. If this must have been exhausting for the monarch, she would be “in a good mood” and “back to Windsor Castle for lunch time” Thursday 21 October 2021.

According to a source who spoke to the chain CNN, the hospital visit was not initially announced as the Queen was only going to be there for a very short time. She would have spent the night there “for practical reasons” according to the same source. Will she be attending events planned for this month or will she need to rest? The Queen has not communicated on her presence at upcoming events where she is expected, such as the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, in October.

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Elizabeth II had to reduce her alcohol consumption

In addition to having to rest, the queen also had to stop drinking alcohol in mid-October, on the recommendations of her doctor. If Elizabeth II was never described as a heavy drinker according to those close to her, she liked to have a small martini on certain nights. His alcohol consumption is now very supervised and limited to certain important occasions, to take care of his health!

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