Queen Elizabeth II: is she the only woman to enjoy the respect of Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is said to have insulted female leaders. He should only respect the Queen with whom he recently spoke on the phone.

Queen Elizabeth II (94) spoke on Tuesday (June 30) "in the run-up to American Independence Day on July 4" with US President Donald Trump (74), as the British royal family announced via Twitter. The phone call is part of a longer list of talks the British monarch has had with several heads of state in recent months, including French President Emmanuel Macron (42) or Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (48).

The news of the phone call to the Queen comes shortly after Trump has made negative headlines with his alleged phone bullying. He is said to have insulted primarily female heads of state and government on the phone.

Does Trump only behave correctly towards the Queen?

Judd Deere, 32, the deputy spokesman for the White House under Trump, said, according to US media reports, that the US president congratulated the British monarch on her birthday, "94 extraordinary years". The Queen turned 94 on April 21. The official celebrations usually take place in June, but due to the coronavirus crisis, there was only a small parade at Windsor Castle. Trump also expressed condolences to the British victims of the coronavirus pandemic.

The conversation also focused on "close cooperation in combating the virus and reopening the global economy". Both affirmed that "the United States and the United Kingdom are in a special relationship and will emerge from this difficult time more than ever before". The US president thinks a lot of the Queen.

After his state visit to the UK in 2019, Trump told Fox News that the chemistry between him and Elizabeth II was right. He literally raved about how "fantastic" the meeting was. Trump tweeted in March this year after the move of Prince Harry (35) and his Meghan (38) to North America: "I am a close friend and admirer of the Queen and the United Kingdom." Nevertheless, Harry and Meghan would have to pay for their security protection themselves.

Telephone bullying against Angela Merkel

The Queen appears to be one of the few top women that Trump respects. According to a report by the American television broadcaster CNN, the US president allegedly abused the telephone against Chancellor Angela Merkel (65) and former British Prime Minister Theresa May (63). CNN relies on unspecified White House insiders. Trump is said to have even referred to Merkel as "stupid" and accused her of being "under the influence of the Russians". May he is said to have called "weak" and that she lacks courage.