Queen Elizabeth II: Post-Queen Contingency Plans Leaked

Queen Elizabeth II
Contingency plans leaked after the queen’s death

Queen Elizabeth II is in excellent health, but there are plans for the time after her death.

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The Queen is still in the best of health. Nevertheless, there should be contingency plans for the time after her death, which have now been leaked.

What happens immediately after Queen Elizabeth II’s death (95)? The newspaper “Politico” has now revealed secret plansallegedly under the name “Operation London Bridge” under lock and key. The procedure provides, among other things, that the Prime Minister must be informed immediately about the death of the monarch. He, in turn, will then inform important cabinet members by phone according to a strict protocol. Only then is a notice issued to the public and an email sent to other ministers and high officials.

Afterwards, all flags in all public buildings will be raised to half-mast and the official website of the royal family will be colored black and given a brief death certificate. The websites of all ministries will be decorated with a black banner and all tweet and posts will be suspended until the prime minister has spoken live on TV – which should be done as soon as possible.

King Charles will speak to his people on the day of his death

Punctually at 6 p.m. the new king, today’s Prince Charles (72), will address his people. On the evening of death – or the following day, depending on the time of death – a service is also held, at which the Prime Minister and senior cabinet ministers meet in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Overall, the secret plan covers the entire first ten days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II and regulates, among other things, the most precise, sometimes even meticulous, procedure for the funeral, which will take place exactly on day ten after her death.

Not the first leak

Details of this emergency plan have been leaked repeatedly in the past, but so far never the complete process. It has already been reported in the past that the Prime Minister will receive a call from the royal family after his death which will only contain the four words “London Bridge is down”. Hence the name “Operation London Bridge”.