Queen Elizabeth II: The Queen is back to her royal duties

Queen Elizabeth II
The queen goes back to her royal duties

Queen Elizabeth II, here in March of last year, is back to work

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Just a few days after the death of her husband Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II has already resumed her work.

The death of Prince Philip (1921-2021) was only a few days ago, but Queen Elizabeth II (94) is already back to her royal duties. As the British media consistently report, including the BBC, the Queen hosted a farewell ceremony for one of her longtime collaborators at Windsor Castle. An official stated that the members of the Royal Family will continue to have commitments insofar as these are appropriate in the current circumstances.

A new Lord Chamberlain

During the private event, the Queen officially bid farewell to William Peel, 3rd Earl Peel (73), who had been Lord Chamberlain of the British court since 2006. He had announced last year that he would no longer work in the function in the future. His successor is Andrew Parker, who became the new Lord Chamberlain of the Household at the beginning of April and is therefore also responsible for the organization of the funeral of Prince Philip. Earl Peel is also said to have been involved in the preparations.

Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, died on the morning of April 9th ​​at the age of 99 at Windsor Castle. Since then, according to official information, the Queen had only called British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (56) last Saturday. The funeral is scheduled for April 17th. The funeral service, in which only 30 people are to take part due to the corona pandemic, will be broadcast on television on Saturday afternoon in Germany, among other places. In addition to RTL, Sat.1 and ZDF will report live.


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